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AGRIALLIS Science for Agriculture and Allied Sector Monthly e Newsletter

AGRIALLIS Science for Agriculture and Allied Sector Monthly e Newsletter


Who are we?

Growing Seed, a social welfare organization established in 2011 with the intention to influence the society in a positive way. Initially it was formed by bunch of school student who during their vacation days thought to do something for the society. Since then Growing Seed Organization has been working continuously for the betterment of environment as well as for the people. We believe in dynamic and youthful work culture and our working field is diverse; ranging from medical awareness to agriculture and farmer’s development. Our core committee members are youth professional having wide variety of expertise. These resourcefulness and diversity has enabled us to rise as one of the youngest yet highly active non-governmental social welfare organization of Tripura. We as a welfare organization believe in selfless contribution and consider sky as the only limit. We hope that one day our regional dream will become a national one and we shall able to serve the whole country.

About the Magazine

Science for Agriculture and Allied Sector is an open access peer reviewed monthly e- magazine which will be start publishing from August 2019. The magazine will publish interactive and informative popular articles on agriculture and allied sciences. Main concept behind the e-magazine is to provide a publishing platform to young researchers and scientists as well as an information hub for enthusiast, progressive farmer and also common readers. The magazine will uphold its credibility and all the articles will be checked by subject matter specialist editors ranging from Research scholars to principal scientists of various research institutions as well as the professors from different universities. All the articles will go through strict quality and genuineness checking and then only it will be published. The articles can be from Agricultural, horticultural, Animal Science, Dairy Science, Fishery, Forestry, Biotechnology and Environment science background. All the authors will be charged a bare minimum amount which will be used for web designing and maintenance, cover page designing, web hosting etc. As quality of the article is our prime target hence only a limited number of articles will be published in each issue.

Authors are requested to send their articles

Official Website



Senior Content Editor

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Scientist (Senior Scale)- Agronomy
ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute
Karnal, Haryana, India

Content Editor

Mr. Subhradip Bhattacharjee
Research Scholar- Agronomy
Agronomy Section, ICAR- NDRI
Karnal, Haryana, India

Mr. Sahanob Nath
Research Scholar- GPB
Uttar Banga krishi Viswavidyalaya
Pundibari, West Bengal, India


Punam Bhattacharjee
Independent Researcher- GPB
Growing Seed NGO
Founder Member & Publisher- AGRIALLIS


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