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AgriCos e-Newsletter

AgriCos  e-Newsletter

Open Access Multidisciplinary Monthly Online Magazine

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AgriCos e-Newsletter is an independent editorial voice covering various aspects of scientific research and trends in various disciplines and allied activities . The newsletter was established to provide an open access platform for researchers, academicians, scientist and associated readers to update themselves with the scientific trends and activities. Innovative ideas, analysis of classical theories, research gaps and school of thoughts on emerging topics will be covered in these issues with their respective themes. The articles are formatted with less scientific jargon’s to reach the general masses.  The articles submitted to the magazine will be scrutinised through our subject experts in the editorial board.  Articles from the disciplines of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Food & Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agricultural Engineering, Botany, Zoology,Physiology, Fisheries, and Social Science,etc. are invited. We accept articles written in simple English language only.

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Editor -In-Chief

Dr. Rede G.D.

Founder Editor

Dr. Magar V.G.

Technical Manager

Magar Kartik Ganesh 



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Sept 2020 VOLUME – 01 ISSUE – 05 SEPTEMBER 2020 Download
Aug 2020 VOLUME – 01 ISSUE – 04 AUGUST 2020 Download
July 2020 VOLUME – 01 ISSUE – 03 JULY 2020 Download
AgriCos June 2020 VOLUME – 01 ISSUE – 02 JUNE 2020 Download
AgriCos may 2020 VOLUME – 01 ISSUE – 01 May-20 Download



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