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Agriculture & Food: e-newsletter is an open access magazine cum e-newsletter which got launched online on 1st January 2019. The inaugural issue containing 18 articles was also launched on the same day.  The sole purpose of the newsletter is to provide budding researchers, students, scholars and scientists to share their ideas about latest topics. This e-magazine basically deals with publishing of popular articles at very negligible fees. The aim of Agriculture & Food: e-newsletter is to publish latest information in field of agriculture, horticulture, food science, biotechnology and life science. This would help in disseminating scientific information and latest findings among the scientific community all over the globe. This e-newsletter will accept new information, novel technologies and original articles from various disciplines of science including agriculture, horticulture, food technology and allied sciences. The articles would be published in 1-7 business days after all formalities. Knowledge platforms are never for business. The meagre publication fees asked from authors are for maintenance of our website, design cost, labour cost and several other miscellaneous costs.

Our arena of publication (but never limited to):

  • Food & Dairy Technology
  • Bio-Sciences / Life-Sciences
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Biotechnology & Bio-chemistry
  • Fisheries & Animal Science
  • Genetics & Breeding
  • Agril engineering and Hi-tech Farming
  • Environmental Science & Forestry


Authors are requested to send their articles

Official Website




Editor – in – chief

Dr. Nityamanjari Mishra



Current Issue



VOLUME – 02 ISSUE – 09 SEPTEMBER 2020 Download
VOLUME – 02 ISSUE – 08 AUGUST 2020 Download
VOLUME – 02 ISSUE – 07 JULY 2020 Download
VOLUME – 02 ISSUE – 06 JUNE 2020 Download
VOLUME – 02 ISSUE – 05 May-20 Download

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