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B.Sc (Agriculture) Agriculture PDF Book ICAR eCourse

B.Sc (Agriculture)

The courseware material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities.

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List of ICAR eCourse for Agriculture

S.No. Course Title Author(s) Name Pages Download Link
1 Agricultural Finance & Cooperation Faculty TNAU 182 Download
2 Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices Faculty TNAU 223 Download
3 Agricultural Microbiology Faculty TNAU 256 Download
4 Breeding of Field & Horticultural Crops Faculty TNAU 133 Download
5 Comprehension & Developing Comm. Skills in Eng Faculty TNAU 80 Download
6 Crop Pests & Stored Grain Pests & their Mgmt Faculty TNAU 420 Download
7 Crop Physiology Faculty TNAU 230 Download
8 Dimensions of Agriculture Extension Faculty TNAU 118 Download
9 Disease of Horticultural Crops & their Management Faculty TNAU 172 Download
10 Diseases of Field Crops and Their Management Faculty TNAU 198 Download
11 Entrepreneurship Developments Faculty TNAU 209 Download
12 Environmental Science-I Faculty TNAU 210 Download
13 Extension Methodologies for Transfer of ag. Tech Faculty TNAU 168 Download
14 Farm Power & Machinery Faculty TNAU 168 Download
15 Field Crops (Kharif) Faculty TNAU 113 Download
16 Field Crops Rabi Faculty TNAU 196 Download
17 Fundamental of Soil Water Conservation & Eng Faculty TNAU 73 Download
18 Fundamentals of Agri Business Management Faculty TNAU 158 Download
19 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Faculty TNAU 136 Download
20 Fundamentals of Rural & Educational Psychology Faculty TNAU 96 Download
21 Insect Ecology & Integrated Pest Management Faculty TNAU 133 Download
22 Insect Morphology and Systematic Faculty TNAU 182 Download
23 Introduction to Computer Applications Faculty TNAU 151 Download
24 Introduction to Soil Science Faculty TNAU 193 Download
25 Introductory Agriculture Faculty TNAU 121 Download
26 Introductory Nemotology Faculty TNAU 78 Download
27 Livestock Production and Management Faculty TNAU 235 Download
28 Manures Fertilizers & Agrochemicals Faculty TNAU 184 Download
29 Mathematics Faculty TNAU 144 Download
30 Plant Pathogens & Principles of Plant Pathology Faculty TNAU 376 Download
31 Post Harvest Mgmt. & Value Addition of Fruits & veg Faculty TNAU 145 Download
32 Practical Crop Production I & II Faculty TNAU 181 Download
33 Principles of Agricultural Economics Faculty TNAU 116 Download
34 Principles of Agronomy & agricultural  Meteorology Faculty TNAU 200 Download
35 Principles of Genetics Faculty TNAU 256 Download
36 Principles of Plant Biotechnology Faculty TNAU 349 Download
37 Principles of Plant Breeding-I Faculty TNAU 199 Download
38 Principles of Seed Technology Faculty TNAU 289 Download
39 Production Economics & Farm Management Faculty TNAU 117 Download
40 Production Tech. of Spices Aromatic Med. Plant Crops Faculty TNAU 243 Download
41 Production Technology of Fruit Crops Faculty TNAU 168 Download
42 Production Technology of Vegetables & Flowers Faculty TNAU 421 Download
43 Protected Cultivation & Post Harvest Technology Faculty TNAU 120 Download
44 Renewable Energy Faculty TNAU 209 Download
45 Social and Farm Forestry Faculty TNAU 120 Download
46 Soil Chemistry Soil Fertility & Nutrient Mgmt Faculty TNAU 176 Download
47 Statistics Faculty TNAU 267 Download
48 Water Management including Micro Irrigation Faculty TNAU 188 Download
49 Weed Management Faculty TNAU 120 Download


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