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Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Reproduction Notes For Dairy & Food Technology

Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Reproduction is Improving energy balance by increasing energy intake through additional non-fiber carbohydrates or supplemental fat in the diet reduces days to first ovulation and improves conception postpartum. Strong evidence suggests that management of cows during the prepartum period affects uterine health.

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Language: English

Pages: 41

Composed By: Abhay Kumar Dubey

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Course Outline – Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Reproduction Short Notes

  1. Importance of Animal Nutrition in Dairy Production
  2. Common feeds and fodder, their classification.
  3. Seasonal availability of feeds and fodder and its importance for livestock production.
  4. Weende system of analysis of feeds & fodder.
  5. Balanced Ration and its characteristics.
  6. Storage and conservation of Roughage through silage and Hay and their uses in livestock feeding.
  7. Nutrient requirement for the calf, milking phase, transition phase, pregnancy phase of Cattle & Buffalo.
  8. Anatomy of Male and Female Reproductive system of Cow and Buffaloes.
  9. Basic Concepts of Animal Reproduction
  10. Pregnancy and its Diagnosis
  11. Artificial Insemination
  12. Infertility in Dairy Cattle
  13. Semen Evaluation
  14. Mastitis and Its Management

Composed By:

Abhay Kumar Dubey

B. Tech Dairy Technology

SGIDT, Patna


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