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Engineering Mathematics-III PDF Book

Engineering Mathematics-III

Engineering mathematics is the art of applying maths to complex real-world problems; combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges.Engineering mathematics 3

Language: English

Pages: 319

Author: Dr. P D Srivastava, Dr. P V S N Murthy, Dr. J Kumar

 Price: Free

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Outlines of Engineering Mathematics-III

Module 1: Numerical Analysis

Lesson 1: Finite Differences

Lesson 2: Relation between Difference Operator

Lesson 3: Sources of Error and Propagation of Error in the Difference Table

Lesson 4: Solutions of Non-Linear Equation

Lesson 5: Secant and Regula-Falsi Methods

Lesson 6: Newton-Raphson Method

Lesson 7: Linear System of Algebraic Equations – Jacobi Method

Lesson 8: Gauss-Seidel Iteration Method

Lesson 9: Decomposition Methods

Lesson 10: Interpolation

Lesson 11: Higher Order Lagrange Interpolation

Lesson 12: Newton’s Forward Interpolation Formula with Equal Intervals

Lesson 13: Newton’s Backward Interpolation Polynomial

Lesson 14 Gauss Interpolation

Lesson 15: Everett’s Central Difference Interpolation

Lesson 16: Stirling’s and Bessel’s Formula

Lesson 17. Newton’s Divided Difference Interpolation

Lesson 18: Numerical Differentiation

Lesson 19 Numerical Integration

Lesson 20: Simpson’s one Third and Simpson’s Three Eighth Rules

Lesson 21: Boole’s and Weddle’s Rules

Lesson 22: Gaussian Quadrature

Lesson 23: Difference Equations

Lesson 24: Non Homogeneous Difference Equation

Lesson 25: Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

Lesson 26: Taylor Series Method

Lesson 27: Single Step Methods

Lesson 28: Modified Euler Method

Lesson 29: Runge-Kutta Methods

Lesson 30 4th Order Runge-Kutta Method

Lesson 31: Methods for Solving Higher Order Initial Value Problems

Lesson 32: System of I.V.Ps.- th Order R-K Method

Module 2: Laplace Transform

Lesson 33: Introduction

Lesson 34: Laplace Transform of Some Elementary Functions

Lesson 35: Existence of Laplace Transform

Lesson 36: Properties of Laplace Transform

Lesson 37: Properties of Laplace Transform (Cont.)

Lesson 38: Properties of Laplace Transform (Cont.)

Lesson 39: Properties of Laplace Transform (Cont.)

Lesson 40: Inverse Laplace Transform

Lesson 41: Properties of Inverse Laplace Transform

Lesson 42: Convolution for Laplace Transform

Lesson 43: Laplace Transform of Some Special Functions

Lesson 44: Laplace and Inverse Laplace Transform: Miscellaneous Examples

Lesson 45: Application of Laplace Transform

Lesson 46: Applications of Laplace Transform (Cont.)

Lesson 47: Applications to Heat Equations

Lesson 48: Application of Laplace Transform (Cont.)


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