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Instrumentation and Process Short Notes For Dairy & Food Technology

In an instrumentation and Process control system, data is acquired by measuring instruments and transmitted to a controller, typically a computer. The controller then transmits data (control signals) to control devices, which act upon a given process.

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Language: English

Pages: 101

Composed By: Abhay Kumar Dubey, Ashish Kumar, Shubham Shandilya

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Course Outline – Human Nutrition Short Notes

  1. Introduction
  2. Measurement System
  3. Elements of Generalized Measurement System
  4. Classification of Instruments
  5. Selection of Instruments
  6. Transducers
  7. Electrical Transducers
  8. Measurement of Pressure
  9. Measurement of Temperature
  10. Characteristics of Instruments and Measurement Systems
  11. Micro-Sensors and Smart Sensors
  12. Measurement of Length, Angle, and Area
  13. Measurement of Speed, Force, Torque
  14. Standards and Calibration
  15. Piezoelectric Transducer
  16. Flow Measurement using Magnetic Flow Measurement
  17. Measurement of Vibration, Level and Concentration
  18. Electronic Instrument
  19. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  20. Digital Meter and Analog Meter
  21. X-Y & X-T Recorders
  22. Introduction to Plant Automation
  23. Automation Hierarchy
  24. PLC
  25. SCADA


Composed By:

Abhay Kumar Dubey

B. Tech Dairy Technology

SGIDT, Patna


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