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Dairy Technology ICAR eCourse PDF Books

B.Tech (Dairy Technology)

The course ware material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students Dairy Technology and Dairy Engineering already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities.

ICAR-PG Dairy Science/ Dairy Technology (10+ Full Length Mock test)

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List of ICAR eCourse for Dairy & Food Technology

S.No. Course Title Author(s) Name Pages Download Link
1 Biochemistry and Human Nutrition Rajeev Kapila 163 Download
2 By-Products Technology Vijay Kumar Gupta 234 Download
3 Cheese Technology S.K. Kanawija & Yogesh Khetra 129 Download
4 Chemical Quality Assurance Vivek Sharma, Darshan Lal & K.D. Aparnathi 167 Download
5 Chemistry of Milk K.S. Sharma 128 Download
6 Communication Skills S. K. Jha, & Meena Malik 183 Download
7 Computer Programming A. K. Sharma 156 Download
8 Condensed and Dried Products H.G. Patel 265 Download
9 Dairy Biotechnology Sunita Grover & V. Padmanabha Reddy & V.K. Batish 245 Download
10 Dairy Engineering S. Ravi Kumar 136 Download
11 Dairy Extension Education B.S. Meena 87 Download
12 Dairy Plant Management and Pollution Control V. Vijay Geetha 90 Download
13 Dairy Process Engineering J.B. Upadhyay & Sunil M.Patel 210 Download
14 Dairy Plant Design & Layout Sunil M. Patel & A. G. Bhadania 139 Download
15 Economic Analysis A. K. Makwana & K. K. Datta 144 Download
16 Electrical Engineering Prashant S. Minz 190 Download
17 Engineering Drawing C.S Baladhiya 173 Download
18 Entrepreneurship Dev. & Ind. Consultancy A.K. Makwana & A.K. Chauhan 125 Download
19 Environmental Studies D.S. Sohi, K.K. Datta, Madhu Mohini 179 Download
20 Fat Rich Dairy Products Y. Kotlinga Reddy, Yogesh Khetra & Satish Kumar M. 214 Download
21 Financial Management & Cost Accounting Mahendra D. Gurjar & K. K. Datta 187 Download
22 Fluid Mechanics Prashant S. Minz 179 Download
23 Food & Industrial Microbiology Suja Senan & R.K. Malik & Shilpa Vij 196 Download
24 Food Chemistry Satish Parmar, Amit Kumar Jain, & K.D. Aparnathi 185 Download
25 Food Engineering Sunil M. Patel 198 Download
26 Food Technology-I A. Jana & A. K. Singh & P. N. Raju 296 Download
27 Food Technology-II Amit Patel, Devraja H.c., Parteek Sharma & R.R.B. Singh 212 Download
28 Fundamental of Microbiology S.K. Tomar 118 Download
29 Heat & Mass Transfer Bikram Kumar 109 Download
30 Icecream & Frozen Desserts A. Jana Suneeta Pinto & P.R.S.Moorthy 145 Download
31 Industrial Statistics D. K. Jain & R. Malhotra 236 Download
32 Instrumentation and Process Control I. K. Sawhney, S. K. Chaudhary & Sunil Kumar 161 Download
33 Introductory Dairy Microbiology A.K. Puniya & I. Sankara Reddy 166 Download
34 IT in Dairy Industry A.P. Ruhil & R.R.B. Singh 195 Download
35 Judging of Dairy Products P.S. Prajapati & J.P. Prajapati 153 Download
36 Market Milk Latha Sabikhi & Kotilinga Reddy 184 Download
37 Marketing Management & International Trade A.K. Makwana & Raka Saxena 172 Download
38 Microbiological Quanlity & Safety Naresh Goel, Suja Senan, P. Jayaram & H. V. Raghu 216 Download
39 Milk Production Management & Dairy Development Y. Ravindra Reddy, D. Suresh Babu & A.k. Mawana 170 Download
40 Operations Research R. Malhotra, D.K. Jain 139 Download
41 Organic Chemistry B.M. Mehta, K.D. Aparanathi & B.K. Wadhwa 140 Download
42 Packaging of Dairy Products H. G. Patel, M. Ranganadham &b Hiral Modha 244 Download
43 Physical Chemistry of Milk K.S. Sarma 145 Download
44 Principles of Dairy Machine Design S. Ravi Kumar 153 Download
45 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning A.G.Bhadhania & S. Ravi Kumar 159 Download
46 Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products J. B.Prajapati & I.Sankara Reddy & V. Sreeja 174 Download
47 Thermodynamics A. K. Dodeja & J. k. Dabas 248 Download
48 Traditional Dairy Products M. Ranganadham & Sathish Kumar M.H & Devraja H.C & F.C. Garg 105 Download
49 Workshop Practice C.S Baladhiya & J.B Raol 115 Download


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