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Curd Milk & Curd Sampling Procedure


Curd Milk Sampling Procedure

Preparation of samples

Before withdrawing portions for analytical determinations, bring the sample to a temperature of 26 to 280C and mix thoroughly by pouring gently into a clean dry receptacle and back, until a homogeneous mixture is assured.


If lumps of cream do not completely disappear, warm the sample to about 40 degree Celsius, mix thoroughly, then cool to 26 to 280C. In case a measured volume is required in a determination, bring the temperature of the sample to about 270C before pipetting.


All the samples should be allowed to stand for 3 or 4 minutes after mixing to allow the air bubbles to rise. The sample container shall then be well mixed and inverted 3 or 4 times immediately prior to taking the milk for analysis.


Note: If the sample is curdled, excessively churned or decomposed, the sample shall not be taken for analysis.


Curd Sampling Procedure


Preparation of samples

To get a representative sample particularly in case of a thick-set product it may be necessary to pour out the whole of the contents in a mortar and mix it thoroughly until the mass is homogeneous. Aliquots are weighed out from this well mixed sample.


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