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Rabi crop planting jumps

Rabi crop planting jumps

NEW DELHI: Rabi or winter crop planting increased by 80% over the last one week, according to data released by the agriculture ministry.

Till November 11, winter crops were planted in 146.85 lakh hectares compared with 81.58 lakh hectares at the end of the week ended November 4.

The acreage is 16% higher than a year ago when crops covered 126.71 lakh hectares.

Data shows that the area under wheat, pulses, oilseeds and rice has increased while that under coarse cereals has decreased.
The government has set a rabi season crop planting target of 638.09 lakh hectares.

Meanwhile, sufficient water in reservoirs has improved the prospects of planting crops after the four-month monsoon season ended in September.
At 110.097 billion cubic metres, India’s 91 major reservoirs held 29% more water than at this time last year, suggesting better water availability for winter crops. However, the level was 2% less compared with the 10-year average.

The ministry said wheat has been sown/transplanted in 25.72 lakh hectares, an increase of over 38% from the previous year. Planting was marginally delayed in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
Meanwhile, the area under rice has seen an increase of 50% over the previous year at 9.68 lakh hectares.

The area under pulses—gram, lentil, field pea, kulthi, uradbean, moongbean and lathyrus—covered 49.24 lakh hectares, an increase of 32% from a year ago.

Further, planting of oilseeds, predominantly mustard and groundnut, was done on 42.03 lakh hectare, an increase of 35% area over 2015.

Planting under coarse cereals –jowar, bajra, ragi and maize —fell by 39% to 20.17 lakh hectares compared with the year-ago period.



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