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Renewable Energy PDF Book

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Renewable Energy Sources PDF Book

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COURSE OUTLINES: Renewable Energy

Module –I  Overview of renewable energy sources

Lecture-1. Classification of energy sources

Lecture-2.Introduction to renewable energy

Lecture 3.Renewable Energy-Potentials and Achievements

Module –II     Characterization of Biomass

Lecture-4.Characterization of biomass

Lecture-5.Densification of biomass-Briqquetting

Module –III    Thermo-chemical conversion Technology (TCCT)

Lecture-6.  Biomass Combustion Technology

Lecture-7.Gasifier Technology

Lecture-8.Biomass Gasification Methods

Lecture-9. Removal of tar and impurities from gasification

Lecture 10- Principles of pyrolysis and methods

Module –IV    Biochemical conversion Technology-Biogas (BCCT)

Lecture-11.Biogas technology

Lecture-12. Biogas plants types

Lecture 13. Microbiology of biogas production

Lecture 14. Size and  selection for Biogas plant

Lecture 15.Biogas plant- materials and methods for Construction

Module –V   Bio-fuels (BCCT)

Lecture 16. Bio-Fuels and characteristics

Lecture- 17. Bio-Diesel

Lecture-18. Bio-Diesel production processes

Lecture-19. Bio-Ethanol Production

Lecture-20. Importance of biofuels

Module –VI    Solar Energy Conversion System (SECS)

Lecture-21.Basics of Solar Photovoltaic’s

Lecture 22.Recent trends in solar drying-solar tunnel drier

Lecture- 23.Solar Driers

Lecture-24.Solar PV and water pumping

Lecture- 25.Solar Water Heater

Module –VII  Hydro-Energy Conversion System (HECS)

Lecture-26-Hydropower Energy Sources

Module –VIII Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS)

Lecture-27Wind energy conversion principles

Lecture 28-wind mill- aero generator

Module-IX.    Energy conservation in agriculture

Lecture-29. Energy conservation in agriculture



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