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Principles of Agronomy & Agricultural Meteorology PDF Books

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  1. Agriculture – Definition – Importance and scope – Branches of agriculture – Evolution of man and agriculture – Development of scientific agriculture – National and International Agricultural Research Institutes.
  2. Indian agriculture – Indian economy – National income – per capita income – Agricultural income in GDP – Women in agriculture and empowerment
  3. History of agricultural development in the world and India. Agriculture heritage – Agriculture in ancient India
  4. Stages of agriculture development – Era of civilization- Importance of Neolithic civilization
  5. Chronology of Agricultural technology development in India
  6. Kautilya’s Arthasasthra – Sangam literature – rainfall prediction – ITK -Tamil Almanac.
  7. Agronomy – definition – meaning and scope. Agro-climatic zones of India and Tamil Nadu – Agro ecological zones of India
  8. Crops and major soils – Classification – Economic and agricultural importance in India and Tamil Nadu
  9. Factors affecting crop production – climatic – edaphic – biotic- physiographic and socio economic factors
  10. Tillage – Definition – objectives – types of tillage – modern concepts of tillage – main field preparation
  11. Seeds – Seed rate – Sowing methods – Germination – Crop stand establishment – Planting geometry
  12. Role of manures and fertilizers in crop production – agronomic interventions for enhancing FUE – Inter cultivation – Thinning – Gap filling and other intercultural operations
  13. Irrigation – Time and methods – Modern techniques of irrigation – Drainage and its importance
  14. Planting Geometry and its Effect on Growth and Yield
  15. Cropping pattern and cropping system – Intensive cropping- Sustainable agriculture – IFS
  16. Organic / eco-friendly agriculture – Dry farming – Concepts and principles
  17. Agro-climatic zones of India
  18. Agro meteorology
  19. Weather and climate, micro-climate
  20. Weather elements and their influence on different crops
  21. Monsoon
  22. Clouds
  23. Weather aberrations
  24. Weather forecasting
  25. Weather modification -Artificial rain making and cloud seeding
  26. Remote sensing.


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