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Agricultural Microbiology- ICAR eCourse PDF Book

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Language: English

Pages: 256

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Course Outline:

Lecture 01: History of Microbiology: Spontaneous Generation Theory

Lecture 02: Germ Theory of Disease

Lecture 03: Protection against Infections

Lecture 04: Metabolism in Bacteria

Lecture 05: ATP Generation

Lecture 06: Microbial Metabolism – Autotrophs

Lecture 07: Bacteriophages: Structure and Properties of Bacterial Viruses

Lecture 08: Lytic and Lysogenic Cycles – Phage Multiplication Cycle

Lecture 09: Viroids, Prions

Lecture 10: Bacterial Genetics

Lecture 11: Gene Expression

Lecture 12: Recombination in Bacteria

Lecture 13: Genetic Engineering – Plasmids, Episomes

Lecture 14: Genetically Modified Organism

Lecture 15: Soil Microbiology: Microbial Group in Soil

Lecture 16: Microbial Transformations of Carbon

Lecture 17: Microbial Transformations of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur

Lecture 18: Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Lecture 19: Phyllosphere Bacteria

Lecture 20: Composting

Lecture 21: Environmental Microbiology

Lecture 22: Microbiology of Food: Microbial Spoilage

Lecture 23: Principles of Preservation

Lecture 24: Role of Bacteria in Fermentation

Lecture 25: Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Lecture 26: Microbial Agents for Control of Plant Diseases

Lecture 27: Biogas Production

Lecture 28: Biodegradable Plastics

Lecture 29: Plant – Microbe Interactions

Lecture 30: Bioremediation

Lecture 31: Biosensor

Lecture 32: Microbial Products


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