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Agriculture in the reform regime

An important structural  feature of the Indian economy has been a continuous decline in the share of agriculture in the total GDP but a very slow diversification of the workforce away from agriculture. Agriculture accounts for a disproportionately high share in the total workforce but a declining share in the national product.

Increasing the workforce on non-expanding cultivable land leads to an increased number of holdings and decreased size of holding  Now, let us have a brief look on the Resource stress in Indian agriculture Irrigation resources-  with 16% of world’s population ,only 4% is available water of the major areas of public investment in post independence was on major and medium irrigation projects which contributed to substantial expansion of area irrigated

Serious problems have arisen in the indogangetic plain because of distorted ratio of application of N, P, K. There has been excessive use of N with adverse effects on soil fertility.This is partly because of price differentials and partly due to lack of knowledge among farmers about the need for balanced fertilizer use.

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