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Market Milk ICAR e-Course PDF Book

Cover Page
Cover Page

Market Milk

Language: English

Pages: 184

Author: Latha Sabikhi, Kotilinga Reddy

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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction and history of dairy development in India
Lesson 1. Dairying in India – Distinctive features
Lesson 2. Dairy development in India – Before and after Operation Flood

Module 2: Milk production and consumption
Lesson 3. Data – Milk production and consumption

Module 3: Clean milk production
Lesson 4. Practices related to animal and milking personnel
Lesson 5. Milking process and environment

Module 4: Procurement of milk
Lesson 6. Milk collecting systems and pricing policies
Lesson 7. Preservation of raw milk
Lesson 8. Lactoperoxidase – Thiocyanates (LP) system
Lesson 9. Transportation of raw milk

Module 5: Physico-chemical, microbiological and nutritional properties of milk
Lesson 10. Physical properties and composition of milk
Lesson 11. Macro components of milk – Fat and lactose
Lesson 12. Macro components of milk – Protein
Lesson 13. Micro components of milk
Lesson 14. Microbiology of raw milk
Lesson 15. Nutritional properties of milk

Module 6: Common dairy operations
Lesson 16. Reception of milk
Lesson 17. Chilling and storage of milk
Lesson 18. Filtration and clarification
Lesson 19. Separation of milk – Theory and methods
Lesson 20. Separation of milk – Cream separators
Lesson 21. Bactofugation
Lesson 22. Standardization of milk
Lesson 23. Homogenization – Definition and theories
Lesson 24. Homogenization – Types and operation of homogenizers
Lesson 25. Homogenization – Effect on milk properties
Lesson 26. Principles of heat treatment
Lesson 27. Kinetic parameters of heat induced changes
Lesson 28. Principle and methods of pasteurization
Lesson 29. Heat exchangers – Plate and tubular type
Lesson 30. Working of HTST pasteurizer
Lesson 31. Sterilization – Definition, purpose and methods
Lesson 32. Ultra-high temperature process
Lesson 33. UHT milk – Homogenization, packaging and defects

Module 7: Processed milk varieties
Lesson 34. Legal standards and variants of market milk
Lesson 35. Special milks

Module 8: Cleaning and sanitization
Lesson 36. Common dairy detergents and their properties
Lesson 37. Dairy sanitizers and their properties
Lesson 38. Cleaning and sanitization protocols – CIP and SIP
Lesson 39. Tests for detergents and sanitizers

Module 9: Packaging of milk
Lesson 40. Packaging – materials and process

Module 10: Quality assurance in milk processing
Lesson 41. Quality assessment of raw milk
Lesson 42. Detection of preservatives, neutralizers and adulterants
Lesson 43. Chemical quality of milk – Fat, SNF, TS and acidity
Lesson 44. Microbiological quality of milk

Module 11: Indian food regulation in global scenario
Lesson 45. Quality and safety regulations

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