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Organic Farming: A New Revolution in Agriculture

Agriculture is the most basic and important activities for human mankind’s. Organic farming is process that makes healthy food, healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy environment. In overall, the productivity of crop increased by using certain Biofertilizers instead of chemical Bio fertilizers. By increasing the amount of organic matter in soil or by rotation of crop, the fertility of soil is increased leading to increase crop production. It is a modern way of agriculture which helps to produce disease free crops, vegetables, fruits etc. with its nutritional value intact.

Organic farming is comparatively costly than conventional agriculture due to extended time period, expensive organic seeds etc. Organic farming is an eco-friendly technique, which originates due to the adverse effect of chemical farming. Organic farming is the best possible relationship between mankind and earth.


What we’ll discuss in this article?

  • Introduction organic farming
  • Need of organic farming
  • Source and benefits of organic farming

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The task force on Organic Farming (OF) set up the (Union Ministry of Agriculture) during 2001 brought out the status in the country. In its report it is stated “Organic farming is being practiced by thousands of farmers in the country in an unorganized way”.  In alternative to conventional agriculture, to save the soil from degradation, to increase the fertility and productivity, to avoid synthetic pesticides, to prevent pollution and give healthy food for human mankind’s.


Organic farming is spreading in India is very slow. Farmers here are unaware of this technique; they prefer conventional farming over organic farming because conventional farming gives product early, easily by using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides and also gives more money in small time of duration. There for use of chemical it affecting on human health thats why i say need of organic farming for good health.


There are various benefits of organic farming:

1)  It increases diversity, long term soil fertility, high food quality, reduced pest and diseases and also stable production of crops.

2)  It also reduces pollution, dependence on non renewable resources, negligible soil erosion and also provides protection to wild life and increase compatibility of crop production with environment.

3)  Organic farming also affects society, for example; provide better health and education, and strengthen the community. It also reduces rural migration and increase gender equality, gives many chances to entrepreneurs and provides employment with good quality work.

4)  Organic farming also gives healthy food, nature and environment. It encourages farmers, entrepreneurs or other ordinary people to take initiative for organic farming and also consume organic products.

5)  It also affects the economy of country.



Organic manures

Farm yard manures (FYM)


Green manures

Livestock and human wastes

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