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Applied Electronics and Instrumentation PDF Book

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering is an advanced branch of engineering which deals with the application of existing or known scientific knowledge in electronicsinstrumentation, measurements and control for any process, practical calibration of instruments, automation of processes etc.

Language: English

Pages: 179

Author: Dr. B. Sridhar, Dr. K. V. Prakash

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  1. Electron- Energy bond in solids- Insulators-semiconductors and
  2. Semiconductor-P& N type-drift and diffusion current- PN junction as
  3. V I characteristics of diode-Zener diode- Zener and breakdown- V I characteristics of a Zener
  4. Diode circuits-rectifier circuits-Half and full wave rectifier-Bridge rectifier-comparison.
  5. Full wave rectifier with RC filter- Zener diode circuit- multiple diode circuits-photo diode and LED
  6. Clipper and clamper circuit.
  7. Filter- classification-components-Inductor, capacitor. Filter-LC, π filter-Active low pass and high pass
  8. Diode logic circuits for OR& AND gates- Bipolar transistor basics- construction and configurates
  9. NPN transistor configurates- α and β relationship- Input and output characteristics-PNP transistor-configurates and
  10. Amplifiers-general characteristics-classification-Common Emitter amplifier- characteristics-Common Collector amplifier-characteristics.
  11. Common Base amplifier-characteristics-Feedback amplifier- types of feedback.
  12. Transistor amplifier- h parameter-benefits-h parameter equivalent circuit for CE configurates-
  13. Common emitter amplifier-practical circuits-phase
  14. Oscillator- LC oscillator-Armstrong oscillator-Hartley oscillator-Colpitt oscillator- Crystal
  15. Integrated circuit-advantages-classification-types of amplifiers-operated amplifiers- characteristics of ideal operated amplifier
  16. Application of operated amplifier-inverting-non inverting- difference
  17. Summing-Integrating-Differentiating
  18. Boolean Algebra-Fundamental postulate-Demorgan’s
  19. Sequential circuit-Flip flops-types- SR flip flop-JK flip flop-T flip
  20. Counters-Asynchronous and synchronous counter-decade counter-up down counter- ring and Johnson
  21. Digital to Analog converter- transfer characteristics- conversion techniques. Binary weighted resister DAC-drawback.
  22. R& 2R ladder DAC-Advantages-performance.
  23. Analog to digital converter-transfer characteristics-conversion techniques-successive approximate
  24. Measurement-methods-Instrument and classification of instruments-static and dynamic characteristics of
  25. General measurement system-Functional elements of a measurement system-Active and passive transducer-Error-types-calibration.
  26. Relative displacement, translational and rotational transducer-calibration.
  27. Basic methods of force
  28. Torque measurement on rotating
  29. Basic methods of pressure
  30. Temperature measurement by mechanical effect and electrical
  31. Strain gauge-metallic sensing elements-Unbonded strain gauges-problem associated with strain gauge installation. Type of strain
  32. Bonded strain gauge transducer-Tacho


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