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Globally, banana is considered a more prominent fruit 3rd after apple and orange. With healthy characteristics, it is the best rich fruit in minerals and vitamins with enormous quantity of potassium.banana

Banana belongs to Musaceae family, with elongated leaves and pseudo-stem. Basically, it is considered Indo-Malaysian fruit and nowadays it is cultivated on large area in different countries. Its color is green in raw while in ripe condition it has yellow color with green line marks. In some countries, it has brown color, small in size and flat in taste as compared to yellow color banana.

Plant of banana produce fruit after 15-18 months from cultivation and grow up to 20 feet in height. The inner portion of banana is soft, sweet and creamy white in color while it is consumed as vegetable in raw form. It is also used in cakes, pastries, chat and fruit salads. Except eating it as fruit, it is also used in sweety and salty dishes. Its color changes when it kept in refrigerator. Ripe banana are stored at ambient temperature. Like tomatoes, unripe banana if kept for long time will ripe soon.

Healthy Benefits And Way Of Utilization Of Peels Of Citrus Fruits, Banana And Pomegranates

Banana fruit is almost present throughout year worldwide, not only contain potassium but rich source of carbohydrates too. It is diet of children and players due to containing protein and fiber. It is also an important source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium with quick energy providing characteristics. It contains sugar that’s why diabetics patients need to care to consume it. It also contain good amount of iron  to increase hemoglobin in blood that control iron deficiency anemia and high blood pressure. It also relax the chest burning and nervous system due to presence of vitamin B6. Potassium control heartbeat balance the water level in bodyand provide oxygen to the brain. When we are in stress, the rate of metabolism will increase that normalize by the potassium in banana.

From the homeopathic point, banana has enormous health benefits. It should in our diet to be healthy. Banana is a such gift of nature that is cheaper and easily available for the consumers. Health experts suggested that one should have to include at least 4 bananas in diet per week. It must be added with milk for weak children. several others health benefits are, control constipation, strengthen kidneys, control cough, throat irritation, prevent stomach acidity, ulcer etc. Banana is the one that if provided to infants then they would not eat mud.

Research studies recommended, those who have high blood pressure should have to eat banana to control level of blood pressure otherwise it will lead to threat of heart attack and paralyze.

On other hand, it support bones and control calcium deficiency. High salt intake results loss of calcium through urine that ultimately leads calcium deficiency as well as have negative impact on blood that’s why blood clotting occurs.

Banana is a quick source of energy when you are hungry just eat 2-3 banana that will fulfil your body requirement. One banana provides about 110 calories, 3500mg potassium, 25% vitamin B6, 20% vitamin C, 14% potassium and 14% fibers that prevent heart injuries, improve heart pumping and blood regulation. Generally, banana is called fat and cholesterol free diet that improve digestive system as well.


Article By:

Dr. Dileep Kumar Lohana and Parkash Meghwar

Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam


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