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Cleaning of Dairy Floors


1.  To get familiar with the type and lay-out of the dairy plant.
2.  To study the materials and mode construction of various sections in of the dairy.
3.  To understand the cleaning process in a dairy.

1.  Floor brushes with handle
2.  Adequate supply of water
3. Buckets or cans for the preparation of washing solutions
4.  Proper detergents for various sections to be cleaned.
5.  Rubber squeezy with handle

cleaning dairy floor Agrimoon

Flush the floors with the tap water and then use detergent solution for cleaning.  Use floor brushes for scrubbing the floors to remove the milk solids and dirt and then wash with luke-warm water.  Drain the water and dry the floors by using the floor squeezy.

Record your observations in the following Chart:
Cleaning the dairy floors.

1.  Material used for constructon of floors.

a.  Reception dock
b. Processing room
c. Cold storage
d. Store room
e. Sales room etc.

2.  Floor area________ sq.  meters.

3.  Type of detergent used ______for

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