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Field Crop (Kharif) – ICAR eCourse PDF Book

Book Detail:  Field Crop (Kharif)

Language: EnglishCover of Field Crop (Kharif)

Pages: 113

Author: TNAU

Price: Free

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Course Outlines: Field Crop (Kharif)

  1. Importance and area, production and productivity of major cereals, millets, pulses and oilseeds of India
  2. Rice
  3. Maize
  4. Wheat and barley
  5. Oats, rye and triticale
  6. Sorghum and pearl millet
  7. Pearlmillet
  8. Finger Millets
  9. Small Millets
  10. Redgram
  11. Blackgram
  12. Greengram
  13. Rice fallow pulse
  14. Cowpea
  16. Other Pulses with minor importance
  17. Horse gram
  18. Green manures
  19. Importance of Forages
  20. Forage – Grasses
  21. Forage – Legumes
  22. Temperate Forages
  23. Fodder – Trees

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