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Fisheries Science ICAR eCourse PDF Books Free Download

B.F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)

Fisheries Science ICAR eCourse courseware material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of under-graduate students already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities.

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List of ICAR eCourse for Fisheries Science ICAR eCourse

S.No. Course Title Author(s) Name Pages Download Link
1 Anatomy of finfish and shellfish S.R. Somashekar & P.Jawahar Coming Soon
2 Aquaculture Engineering S. Varadaraju & J.Stephan Sampath Kumar 133 Download
3 Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity Gangadhar Gowda & A.Srinivasan Coming Soon
4 Aquatic pollution and coastal zone management H.R.V. Reddy & P.Chidambaram Coming Soon
5 Biochemical techniques and Instrumentation(1+2) Dr.R.Jeya Shakila Coming Soon
6 Biology of Finfish and Shellfish(2+1) Dr. C.B.T. Rajagopalsamy & Dr. S. Benakappa Coming Soon
7 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (1+1) Dr.K.Karal Marx & Dr.K.M.Shankar Coming Soon
8 Canning and fish packaging technology M.H.Bhandary & C.V.Raju & S.A.Shanmugam Coming Soon
9 Coastal aquaculture and mariculture Iqlas Ahmed, S.Felix Coming Soon
10 Communication skills (1+0) Dr.R.Santhakumar & Dr.V.G.Bhatt Coming Soon
11 Culture of fish organisms K.M. Shankar & Rosalind George Coming Soon
12 Elementry Statistics(1+1) Mr.R.K.Ramkumar Coming Soon
13 Entrepreneurship Development & Com. skills(1+1) Dr.R.Senthiladeban Dr.R. Santhakumar Dr.K.Veerabhadran Coming Soon
14 Financing and marketing management R. Muni Reddy & M. Rajakumar Coming Soon
15 Finfish breeding and hatchery management N. Basavaraja & Jaculine Pereira Coming Soon
16 Fish Diseases and Management (2+2) Dr.K.Riji John Coming Soon
17 Fish immunology K.M.Shankar & Jaculine Periera Coming Soon
18 Fish nutrition and feed technology E.G. Jayaraj & N. Felix Coming Soon
19 Fish Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment(2+1) Dr. V.K.Venkataramani & Mr. N.Jayakumar Coming Soon
20 Fish Products and By products Technology Dr. B.A. Shamasundar, Dr. Sukumar 76 Download
21 Fisheries administration and legislation Ramachandra Bhatt & R. Santhakumar Coming Soon
22 Fisheries Economics(2+1) Dr. R.Jayaraman Coming Soon
23 Fisheries Extension Education(2+1) Dr. M. Nagoormeeran Coming Soon
24 Fishing and gear technology B.Hanumanthappa & N. Neethiselvan Coming Soon
25 Fishing craft technology S.Varadaraju & N.Neethiselvan Coming Soon
26 Food Chemistry and Fish in Nutrition (2+1) Dr. G. Indira Jasmine & Mr. M.M.Maragal Coming Soon
27 Freezing Technology(2+1) Dr. K. Rathnakumar & Mr. R.M. Prabhu Coming Soon
28 Freshwater aquaculture K.S. Ramesh & B. Ahilan Coming Soon
29 Fundamentals of Micro biology(2+2) Dr. G. Sugumar & Dr. Indrani Karunasagar Coming Soon
30 Genetics and Breeding(1+1) Dr.K.Karal Marx Coming Soon
31 Information and Communication Technology(1+1) Dr. N.V.Sujathkumar & Mrs.Kiran D souza Coming Soon
32 Inland Fisheries (2+1) Mr.N.Jayakumar Coming Soon
33 Limnology A.T.Ramachandra Naik & P.Padmavathy Coming Soon
34 Marine Biology (2+1) Dr.A.Srinivasan & Dr.A.T.Ramachandra Naik Coming Soon
35 Marine fisheries S.M.Shivaprakash & N.Jayaprakash Coming Soon
36 Meteorology and geography Ganapathi Naik & M.Venkatasamy Coming Soon
37 Oceanography (2+1) Mr.P.Chidambaram Coming Soon
38 Ornamental Fish Production and Management(1+1) Dr.B.Ahilan & Dr.E.G.Jayaraj Coming Soon
39 Physical education Manoj Kumar Coming Soon
40 Physiology of Finish and Shellfish (2+1) Dr.T.Francis & Dr.Mridula Coming Soon
41 Principles of Aquaculture (1+1) Dr.A.Gopalakannan & Mr.K.S.Vijay Amritharaj & Dr.K.Ramesh Coming Soon
42 Principles of Biochemistry(2+1) Dr.G.Indira Jasmine Coming Soon
43 Refrigeration and equipment engineering Shashidhar.H.Badami & B.Sundaramoorthy Coming Soon
44 Rural Sociology(1+0) Dr.M.Nagoormeeran & Mrs.G.Arul Oli Coming Soon
45 Shellfish Breeding and Hatchery Management (2+1) Dr.J.Stephen Sampathkumar Coming Soon
46 Statistical methods C.H. Krishna Bhatt & R.K. Ramkumar Coming Soon
47 Taxonomy of Finfish (1+2) Dr.P.Jawahar & Dr.H.N. Anjaneyappa Coming Soon
48 Taxonomy of shellfish H.N. Anjaneyappa & P.Jawahar Coming Soon


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