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Gulley and Ravine Control Structures PDF Book

Book Detail: Gulley and Ravine Control Structures

By reducing the original gradient of the gully channel, check-dams reduce the velocity and erosive power of runoff. Run-off during peak flow is conveyed safely by check-dams. The structures can be either temporary or permanent. … Prevent off-site runoff from flowing across bare soils: use perimeter dikes and diversions.

Language: English

Pages: 258

Author: Dr. R. K. Panda, Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya

 Price: Free

Course outline of gully and ravine control structures

Module 1: Formation of Gully and Ravine

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Extent of Gully and Ravine Erosion Problem

Lesson 3: Soil Erosion

Lesson 4: Factors Influencing Soil Erosion Lesson 5: Mechanism of Erosion

Module 2: Hydrological Parameters Related to Soil Erosion

Lesson 6: Precipitation

Lesson 7: Measurement of Precipitation Lesson 8: Analysis of Precipitation Data – I Lesson 9: Analysis of Precipitation Data – II Lesson 10: Runoff

Lesson 11: Computation of Runoff

Lesson 12: Runoff Estimation– SCS Curve Number Method Lesson 13: Runoff Hydrograph – I

Lesson 14: Runoff Hydrograph – II Lesson 15: Unit Hydrograph – I Lesson 16: Unit Hydrograph – II

Module 3: Soil Erosion Processes and Estimation

Lesson 17: Estimation of Soil Erosion

Lesson 18: Modification of Universal Soil Loss Equation Lesson 19: Measurement of Runoff and Sediment Lesson 20: Models for Predicting Sediment Yield – I Lesson 21: Models for Predicting Sediment Yield – II

Module 4: Vegetative and Structural Measures for Erosion and Gully Control

Lesson 22: Soil Erosion Control Measures Lesson 23: Terracing

Lesson 24: Bunds

Lesson 25: Grassed Waterways Lesson 26: Retaining Wall Lesson 27: Culverts

Lesson 28: Temporary Control Structures

Lesson 29: Control by Semi-permanent Structures Lesson 30: Control by Permanent Structures Lesson 31: Permanent Structures – I

Lesson 32: Permanent Structures – II


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