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Phykon enters into strategic partnership with The StartUp Business

Phykon enters into strategic partnership with The StartUp Business


Following its successful foray into Australia, the Technopark-based Phykon, with more than a decade of operations in the IT/ITeS sector worldwide, is rewriting history with its technology rich support solutions for Technical Support and Dairy Industry in the western markets, with Australia as a key focus.

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Phykon enters into a strategic partnership with The StartUp Business, a Sydney based company, co-founded by Dr. Ross McKenzie who is also a Director of Phykon. “The synergies are perfect and I believe, this will be a turnkey partnership for Phykon. We have been working towards this with Dr Ross for the past few years and the goal of this partnership is to provide substantial value-ads for clients for both companies,” said Prathish Vijay, CEO and Co-Founder of Phykon.

While The StartUp Business, providing Education, Mentoring, Coaching and Thought Leadership to its clients, can leverage Phykon’s extended service capabilities, at the same time, the partnership empowers Phykon’s thought leadership and consulting capabilities. Phykon, which has been providing IT based services including Technical, Software and Contact Center support from its Technopark based office, has cemented a strong foothold in the Australian Dairy Industry, of late. Lending strength to Phykon’s Australian operations is Dr Ross Mckenzie, who has taken over as Director at the company down under.

Dr. Ross McKenzie, who has over 25 years’ experience in implementing and optimising global businesses, and has held senior strategic and transformation leadership roles with major global organizations across Australia, Europe and North America with the leadership of teams of over 1000 in size, is in the driver’s seat at Phykon’s existing business in Australia.

DrMckenzie would bring under the Phykon umbrella more businesses that the company is aiming to acquire in the days to come. The company is making major strides into other industrial segments too in Australia. Dr. McKenzie, a recent doctoral graduate from Macquarie University’s Graduate School of Management, has his research focused on how businesses implement and optimise strategies for the global world. This research has also led to Ross being a regular attendee and presenter at global conferences as well as a guest lecturer at universities.
“We are living in the age of the entrepreneur where affordable technology and a global market place are creating opportunities for those with the vision to realise their dreams” says Dr. Ross McKenzie. Dr McKenzie’s coming on board is a very significant development for Phykon. Having managed CMM Level 5 vendors in the past, the experience, knowledge and exposure that he brings to the table is unmatched. Further, his role would be crucial in Phykon’s efforts in becoming one of the most sought-after IT companies from Kerala in the global space.

Both, his global connections and expertise would play a key role in developing, not only new international business relationships, but also Phykon’s existing relationships in Australia and also the US, said Prathish Vijay, CEO and Co-founder, Phykon. On this occasion of completing 10 years with services, Phykon is delighted to announce its partnership with a technology startup focusing on customer engagement solution.

The resulting cloud based customer engagement suit will be going out in the market with Phykon’s face. Mr. Mithun Gopal, CIO and Co-Founder of Phykon says, “The strategic partnership will do good to both the companies as our capabilities compliment each other and the target market segment is same. The solution will be a subscription type service that seamlessly integrates with target portals.”

According to Mr Gopal, the solution combines AI, machine learning techniques ,Natural Language processing, data analytics and web. He adds on, “It is intended to turn around customer support market and will improve quality of customer interactions tremendously over time. The system learns from customer interactions and becomes smarter over time. Our team is currently finishing up a prototype of the system.”

An official product launch is proposed somewhere around mid 2017. The word has inspired a few interested investors in its favor too. A development involving such cutting edge technologies come with its share of challenges. The company is planning on using Bangalore, its second location for sourcing some of the key skills needed.UNI DS CS 1513



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