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Physical Chemistry of Milk PDF Book

Book Detail: Physical Chemistry of Milk

Language: English

Pages: 145

Author: K. S. Sharma

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Outlines of Physical Chemistry of Milk

Module 1: Milk Composition

1. Composition of Cow Milk

Module 2: Colloidal Chemistry

2. Classification of Colloids

3. Milk as a Colloidal System

4. Emulsions

5. Gels

Module 3: Density

6. Density

7. Factors affecting Density and Specific Gravity of Milk

Module 4: Surface Tension

8. Liquid state – surface tension

Module 5: Viscosity

9. Viscosity, Newtonian and non-Newtonian behavior fluids

10. Viscosity of Milk

Module 6: Collegative Properties

11. Collegative properties of dilute solutions – 01

12. Collegative properties of dilute solutions – 02

13. Collegative properties of dilute solutions – 03

Module 7: Electrical conductivity

14. Electrolytes and non electrolytes, ionic mobility

15Kohlrawsch law and Ostwald’s dilution law and electrical conductance of milk

16. Ionic equlibria dissociation of ionic product of water

17. The pH and pOH Scales

Module 8: Acids and Bases

18. Lewis concepts of acid

19. Dissociation constants of acids and bases

20. Acidity of milk

Module 9: Buffers

21. Salts and their hydrolysis

22. Buffers, Types of Buffer Solutions, Solutions of Single Substance, Solutions of Mixtures, Importance.

23. Derivation of Henderson and Hasselbalch Equation

24. Buffering capacity and buffering index

25. Electrolyte equilibrium and pH indicators

Module 10: Oxidation Reduction Potential

26. Oxidation Reduction Potential, Nernst Equation and Electrochemical Cell

27. Redox System In milk

Module 11: Nuclear Chemistry

28. Nuclear Chemistry-Isotopes

29. Half Life Period of Radio Isotopes and Measurement of Radio Activity

30. Occurrence of Radio Nuclides in Milk and Milk products

Module 12: Molecular Spectroscopy

31. Spectrum of electromagnetic radiation

32. Visible and ultra violet spectrophotometers


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