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First of all, here is to understand what rural agriculture is. And why are they halted? What are the deficiencies? What are the obstacles in government policies? Which has stopped their development, First of all the politics of our country which is only confusing the public to new schemes for selfishness. Those who have instruments, they provide more resources to them.

There is a lack of budget in terms of budget. The plans are made but they are not successful because the government does not provide the budget for the fulfillment of the applicant’s rural people, the farmer does not get the proper value of his crop compared to the expenditure in his crop.

The government which develops the scheme of rural agricultural development in the policy is top-to-bottom, due to which the absenteeism of the villagers cannot be fulfilled their requirements . By which people can not get the resources whatever the scheme should be bottom level to top level.

The government is lending and procuring, giving free or at least ration to the farmers, it should not be possible for the farmers to develop them, they should be made spiritually and provided such technical advice and resources that they have repeatedly given the government I do not have to face the mercy of the government.

In today’s era, the use of excessive government funds is being used in political dissemination.

In the last elections, the elections are going to be 2-4 times each year and if the farmer is able to provide the proper means, then he will be able to raise any rural level.

  Prospects for the development of rural agriculture –

 1.    Technical agricultural education in rural areas.

2.   The Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance, which will be the right amount to get insurance money to avoid the        natural loss of farmers’ crops.

3.   Access the government schemes to the villagers individually.

4.   Reasonable price for farmers crop.

5.   Run the scheme honestly by the government employee.

  6.    Schemes are in the interest of villagers.

  7.    Training center on rural level.

   8.    In the idea of ​​religion and casteism.

   9.   Treating agriculture as a means of living and being commercially.

  10.  The system used for communication.

  11.   New technology reaches farmers as soon as possible.

  12.   Farmers should get the necessary material for the cultivation of farmers at the lowest price.

  13.   Availability of composting, medicine, and seed from time to time is not available.

  14.   Rural Development Scheme made by the farmers’ farming.


Agriculture is very important in a country like India, because most families depend on farming. That is why the smallest aspect of rural life should be studied very carefully, and the schemes which are made by the government do not make it from the upper level and start with the lowest level (rural level), to make it known to the rural life. What are the needs and plans for them to be able to choose the subject of the plan. And in view of the interest of the farmers, the schemes are operated.

Article Written By:

Mr. Jaydev Haldar

M.Sc (Agriculture Extension) -MGCGV, Chitrakoot, Satna (M.P.)

Dr. K.K. Singh

Assistant Professor (Dept. of Transfer of Technology) –
MGCGV, Chitrakoot, Satna (M.P.)


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