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Success story of a self-reliant farmer

Success story of a self-reliant farmer


I do not demand any compensation or relief from the State government

Nagarajan, a farmer of Poigaipatti, about 10 km from Manapparai, has made the best out of available resources. Though he was not familiar with raising turmeric, he raised the crop nine months ago after purchasing seeds from Kodumudi on the border of Karur and Erode districts.

“My total investment is ₹ 1.40 lakh including ₹ 10,000 towards one tonne of seeds. The crop needs irrigation once in three weeks and a couple of my borewells ensured adequate supply,” he said.

Although it was too little a profit for him, he is quite sure that he had gained some experience in a new field. “It is not profit but experience that counts more,” he said. He says that in future, he would be able to raise turmeric in a more systematic manner. “At a time when a number of farmers remain distraught over serious crop loss, I am happy that I had raised a crop and able to market it without demanding any compensation or relief from the state government,” he concludes.“It is my maiden crop. Since I was not aware of crop protection methods, I used to consult Agriculture Department officials and other experts so as to follow good farm practice,” he said. He said that he did not expect much profit from his first crop. The present rate of turmeric at the Erode market stands at ₹ 60,000 a tonne. He is confident of harvesting two-and-a-half-tonnes which means he would be able to realise ₹ 1.50 lakh by the end of this week when the crop would be harvested and marketed. “I would be able to net just ₹ 10,000 towards profit,” he said.





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