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Tractor Systems & controls PDF Book free

Tractor Systems and Controls. Study of transmission systems, clutch, gear box, differential and final drive mechanism. Familiarization of brake mechanism. Ackerman and hydraulic steering and hydraulic systems.

Book Detail: Tractor Systems & controls Tractor Systems & controls

Language: English

Pages: 88

Author: Dr. Rohinish Khurana, Dr. V. M. Duraiswamy

 Price: Free

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Tractor Systems & controls

Outlines of Tractor Systems & controls

Module 1. Tractor Mechanics

Lesson 1. Determination of Centre of Gravity of wheeled and track type tractors

Lesson 2. Calculation of location of Centre of Gravity of a wheeled rear wheel drive tractor

Lesson 3. Determination and importance of Moment of Inertia of a tractor

Lesson 4. Analysis of tractor in static conditions

Lesson 5. Tractor as a spring mass system

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Module 2. Traction

Lesson 6. Traction and related definitions, mechanics of a rigid wheel (traction and towed)

Lesson 8. Traction aids

Module 3. Introduction to Transmission System

Lesson 9. Introduction to transmission systems in four wheeled tractors

Module 4. Clutch System

Lesson 10. Working principles of Clutch and its Construction and clutch materials

Lesson 11. Analysis of Clutch – uniform wear, uniform pressure

Lesson 12. Calculations of number of clutch plates.

Lesson 13. Hydraulic drives

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Module 5. Gear Bo

Lesson 14. Working principle of speed reduction and torque transmission

Lesson 15. Types and construction details of gear boxes

Lesson 16. Working principle of gear change and gear shifting

Lesson 17. Calculation of speed ratio

Module 6. Differential and Final drive

Lesson 18. Working principle of differential system and its construction

Module 7. Brakes

Lesson 20. Brake System – necessity, working principle, functional components, brake lining material.

Lesson 21. Calculation of braking effort.

Lesson 22. Brake actuation methods

Module 8. Steering system

Lesson 23. Steering system : Necessity. Steering Geometry

Lesson 24. Analysis of steering-Turning radius. Ackerman Steering

Lesson 25. Steering linkage. Types of steering gear (steering box)

Lesson 26. Hydraulic steering

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Module 9. Hydraulics


Module 10. Power Transmission

Lesson 30. Tractor power outlets-study of P.T.O. and standards

Module 11. Human Factors



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