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Tractor Design and Testing PDF Book

Book Detail: Tractor Design and Testing

Language: English

Pages: 235

Author: Dr. Manjit Singh, Dr. L. N. Shukla

Price: Free

Outlines of Tractor Design and Testing

Module 1. Introduction about design and development of Agril. Tractor

Lesson 1. Hierarchical Development in Tractor Design

Lesson 2. Different Type of Tractors Available in India/abroad & it’s Importance in Agriculture

Lesson 3. Recent Trends in Tractor Design

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Module 2. Study of special design features of tractor engines and their selection

Lesson 4. Selection of engines available in the market and their performance

Lesson 5. Design requirements for tractor engine components and systems.

Lesson 6. Engine design changes for emission reduction

Module 3. Study of basic design parameters for traction, mechanics of chassis and stability of tractors

Lesson 7. Soil machine systems for off-road vehicles

Lesson 8. Traction mechanics and its prediction

Lesson 9. Mechanics of tractor chassis and stability analysis

Module 4. Selection of different mechanical power transmission

Lesson 10. Tractor clutches and brakes

Lesson 11. Different types of gear and power transmission systems in tractors.

Module 5. Study of tractor steering and suspension systems

Lesson 12. Introduction and selection of different components for steering systems.

Lesson 13. Study of tractor suspension system

Module 6. Design and analysis of tractor hitch system geometry

Lesson 14. Design of various components of three point hitch systems.

Lesson 15. Kinematic and force Analysis of hitch system geometry

Module 7. Design of a tractor hydraulic system

Lesson 16. Study of tractor hydraulic systems and controls

Lesson 17. Hydraulic system design considerations

Lesson 18. Design of main components of a hydraulic System

Module 8. Study of electrical, electronics and guidance system of a tractor

Lesson 19. Electrical System of tractor

Lesson 20. Electronics and guidance system of tractor

Module 9. Ergonomics, controls and safety features of an agricultural tractors

Lesson 21. Importance of ergonomics in tractor and agricultural machinery design.

Lesson 22. Human engineering in tractor design

Lesson 23. Tractor noise, vibration and other environmental factors

Lesson 24. Safety features including ROPS in tractor

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Module 10. Tractor testing

Lesson 25. Standardization and importance of testing for tractors

Lesson 26. Procedure of testing and standard code for testing of tractor performance

Module 11. General revision

Lesson 27. Indian Tractor Industry

Lesson 28. Cost estimation and selection of tractor

Lesson 29. Optimization of Tractor Field Efficiency to Save Energy/Fuel

Lesson 30. Alternative Fuels for IC Engines


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