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AMCS makes the Transition Easy for Milk Producers Post Demonetization

AMCS makes the Transition Easy for Milk Producers Post Demonetization

Indian Economy is known as Agrarian Economy with 65% of the population dependent heavily on production and distribution of crops and dairy products.

With such large strata of the population dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry, any move from the government can be fatalistic for this sector. Same was the concern when the white revolution was introduced in India, but it made India largest milk Producer in the world by 1998.

Similarly, now with the move of Demonetization of Currency, a major population of the country is apprehensive about the approach. But the big question is how it will affect the milk producers and Village Dairy Cooperative Societies?

With 18 District Cooperative Milk Union and 3.6 Milk Producers collecting 28 million litres of Milk per day in Gujarat; demonetization can break the back of poor tribal milk producers who are dependent on cash sales on a daily basis.

From feeding the cattle to going to the Village Cooperative Societies to sell milk there will be a major decline in the sale as the Village Dairy Cooperative Societies are left with a limited amount of cash in hand to give to the milk producers. So in these turbulent times how to make sure that poor Milk producers have cash to feed the cattle and sell milk without a halt?

Automatic Milk Collection System: Make payments digitally and instantly

Prompt Group has been tirelessly working to fill up the inefficiencies in Dairy Chain System since 1995 and help the farmers to give them a fair share of their quality dairy products. Where National Dairy Distribution Board aims to increase the production of milk to 200 million by 2022. Prompt Group is all geared up to nullify the effect of Demonetization on Milk Producers and Village Dairy Cooperative Societies.

People have been talking about boycotting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision, but Prompt Group came up with a unique solution in the form of Automatic Milk Collection System. When people were busy fighting against the decision we were busy blending our vision with the Prime Minister’s dream and bring out a dream reality for farmers in the form of AMCS. It is a simple solution with multiple benefits:

Direct Transfer of Payment in Farmers Bank Account: One of the major problem people are suffering is a long wait in the queue inside the bank to transfer for the exchange of currency or cash deposits or to wait outside the ATM to withdraw cash and that only 2000 bucks. With AMCS, Village Dairy Cooperative Societies can directly transfer payment in milk producer’s bank account which means no standing in a queue for long hours and leaving work unattended.

It will give ample of trading opportunities to Milk Producers as well as there will be no late payment due to the shortage of new currency.

No Chance of Malpractices: As AMCS is an automated system it accurately calculates fat content in the milk and farmers get paid according to the quality of milk. So it leads to the elimination of intermediaries and along with it exploitation and harassment caused by them.

The increase in Production: There are 3.6 million milk producers and 18, 545 village societies in Gujarat who produce 28 million litres of milk per day. The impact of demonetization of currency will be negligible if the village societies start using AMCS and farmers will have cash that can be used for day to day activities leading to-0 increase in production.

Digital India: Automatic Milk Collection System is software made to help achieve Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India. When the large part of the population the producers will start using banking services and learn to operate AMCS it will help them to get a handsome amount for their produce which will promote Digital India campaign and save time on redundant activities.

Introduction of Digital Payment System

In this humbling journey since 1995 Prompt Group is ceaselessly working to introduce in the market Electrical Tools that will help the milk producers to get a fair deal and spread awareness of modern ways of trade. Automatic Milk Collection System will help the Village Dairy Cooperative Societies to transfer cash directly to the Milk producer’s bank account and deal with the current With the vision to innovatively integrate the traditional values with the Modern technology, we aspire to grow in the Digital India and promote the milk producers to achieve excellence by using modern technology in their ancestral business.





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