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Crop Physiology PDF Book

Book Detail:  Crop Physiology

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Pages: 230

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  1. Introduction – Importance of crop physiology in agriculture.
  2. Role and significance of water – diffusion, imbibition, osmosis and its significance, plasmolysis.
  1. Definition – field capacity, water holding capacity of soil and permanent wilting point.
  2. Absorption of water – mode of water absorption – active and passive absorption and factors affecting absorption.
  1. Translocation of solutes – phloem and xylem transport.
  2. Transpiration – types – Steward’s theory of mechanism – significance, factors affecting transpiration and guttation – antitranspirants.
  1. Mineral nutrition – introduction – criteria of essentiality of elements – macro, secondary and micronutrients – soil less culture – sand and hydroponics.
  1. Mechanism of uptake – physiological role of nutrients.
  2. Foliar diagnosis – nutritional and physiological disorders – foliar nutrition- fertigation
  3. Photosynthesis – requirements of photosynthesis – light, CO2, pigments and H20.
  4. Mechanism of photosynthesis – light reaction – cyclic and non cyclic photophosphorylation – Red drop – Emerson Enhancement Effect.
  1. Photosynthetic pathways – C3, C4 and CAM.
  2. Differences between C3, C4 and CAM pathways – Factors affecting photosynthesis.
  3. Photorespiration – photorespiration process and significance of photorespiration.
  4. Respiration – Glycolysis, TCA and Pentose Phosphate Pathway.
  5. Oxidative phosphorylation – differences between oxidative phosphorylation and photophosphorylation. Respiratory quotient and energy budgeting in respiration.
  1. Factors affecting respiration – difference between photorespiration and dark respiration – role of respiration.
  1. Protein and fat synthesis.
  2. Photoperiodism – short day, long day and day neutral plants – phytochrome. Role of phytochrome in flowering and regulation of flowering.
  1. Transmission of stimulus – theories of flowering.
  2. Vernalisation – mechanism of vernalisation and its significance – devernalisation.
  3. Source sink relationship – yield components – harvest index and its importance
  4. Growth – growth curve, phases of growth and factors influencing growth
  5. Growth analysis – LAI, LAD, SLW, SLA, LAR, NAR, RGR and CGR in relation to crop productivity.
  1. Plant growth regulators – growth hormones – definition and classification – physiological role of auxins and GA.
  1. Physiological role of Cytokinin, Ethylene and ABA – synthetic growth regulators and their uses in crop productivity.
  1. Practical application of Plant Growth Regulators in crop productivity.
  2. Environmental stresses – water stress – physiological changes – adaptation to drought and amelioration.
  1. Temperature stress – Physiological changes – low and high temperature – chilling injury – tolerance – alleviation.
  1. Low light and UV radiation stresses – salt stress – physiological changes and alleviation.
  1. Global warming – Carbon Sequestration -physiological effects on crop productivity.
  2. Seed germination – physiological changes during seed germination.
  3. Abscission – senescence – ripening– types, causes, physiological and biochemical Changes and regulation.


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