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Dairy Biotechnology PDF Book Free Download

Book Detail: Dairy Biotechnology

Language: English

Pages: 245

Author: Sunita Grover, V. K. Batish, V. Padmanabha Reddy

Price: Free

Course Outline: Dairy Biotechnology

Module 1. Introduction to Biotechnology

Lesson 1. Definition and Scope of Biotechnology
Lesson 2. Historical development (Time line) of Biotechnology
Lesson 3. Future applications of Biotechnology

Module 2. Fundamental Biological Principles

Lesson 4. Nucleic acids – Structure and function of DNA and RNA
Lesson 5. DNA replication and Genetic Code
Lesson 6. Gene expression – Transcription and Translation
Lesson 7. Gene regulation – The ‘Lac operon’
Lesson 8. Mutations

Module 3. Genetic Engineering Technology/Recombinant DNA Technology

Lesson 9. Molecular cloning – Tools
Lesson 10. Restriction enzymes
Lesson 11. Vectors
Lesson 12. Introduction of recombinant DNA into host cell
Lesson 13. DNA sequencing
Lesson 14. PCR and Real Time PCR
Lesson 15. DNA Microarray

Module 4. Cell Culture and Fusion Technology

Lesson 16. Animal Cell Culture
Lesson 17. Protoplast/ Somatic fusion and Hybridoma technology
Lesson 18. Stem Cells and Nuclear cloning

Module 5. Application of Biotechnology in Dairying

Lesson 19. Application of Genetic Engineering in dairy starter cultures
Lesson 20. Accelerated Cheese Ripening
Lesson 21. Dairy enzymes and whole cell immobilization
Lesson 22. Cloning and expression of genes in bacteria and yeast
Lesson 23. Large scale production and downstream processing of recombinant proteins
Lesson 24. Designer Milk
Lesson 25. Application and impact of Biotechnology on food industry
Lesson 26. Application of biotechnology for disposal of whey and dairy effluents

Module 6. Bioinformatics and ‘Omics’ Revolution

Lesson 27. Bioinformatics and Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics
Lesson 28. Metabolomics, Structural Biology, Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics
Lesson 29. Ethical issues related to use of Genetically Modified foods
Lesson 30. Biosafety levels and biosafety boards operating in India

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