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Disease of Horticultural Crops & Their Management PDF Books

Book Detail:Disease of Horticultural Crops & their Management COVER

Language: English

Pages: 172

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COURSE OUTLINE: Disease of Horticultural Crops & Their Management

Lecture 1. Diseases of Citrus

Lecture 2. Diseases of Mango

Lecture 3. Diseases of Banana

Lecture 4. Diseases of Grapes

Lecture 5. Diseases of Pomegranate and Papaya

Lecture 6. Diseases of Guava

Lecture 7. Diseases of Apple

Lecture 8. Diseases of Chilli

Lecture 9. Diseases of Brinjal

Lecture 10. Diseases of Bhendi

Lecture 11. Diseases of Potato

Lecture 12. Diseases of Cucurbits

Lecture 13. Diseases of Crucifers

Lecture 14. Diseases of Tomato

Lecture 15. Diseases of Beans

Lecture 16. Diseases of Onion & Garlic

Lecture 17. Diseases of Coconut and Oil palm

Lecture 18. Diseases of Mulberry

Lecture 19. Diseases of Betelvine

Lecture 20. Diseases of Coffee

Lecture 21. Diseases of Tea

Lecture 22. Diseases of Rose

Lecture 23. Diseases of Chrysanthemum

Lecture 24. Diseases of Jasmine and Crossandra

Lecture 25. Diseases of Crossandra


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