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Fluid Mechanics (Agricultural Engineering) PDF Book

Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluids at rest (fluid statics) and in motion (fluid dynamics). A fluid is defined as a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied shear stress regardless of the magnitude of the applied stress. Whereas a solid can resist an applied force by static deformation.

Book Detail: Fluid mechanics

Language: English

Pages: 111

Author: Prashant S. Minz

 Price: Free


Outlines of Fluids mechanics

Module 1. Fluids mechanics

Lesson 1. Introduction to fluid mechanics

Module 2. Properties of fluids

Lesson 2. Fluid

Lesson 3. Properties of fluid

Module 3. Pressure and its measurement

Lesson 4. Pressure

Lesson 5. Pressure measurement

Module 4. Pascal’s law

Lesson 6. Pascal’s law

Module 5. Pressure forces on plane and curved surfaces

Lesson 7. Pressure forces on plane surfaces

Module 6. Buoyancy, metacentre and metacentric height, condition of floatation and stability of submerged and floating bodies

Lesson 8. Buoyancy

Lesson 09. Archimedes’ principle

Module 7. Kinematics of fluid flow

Lesson 10. Fluid kinematics

Lesson-11: flow visualization

Lesson-12: flow patterns

Module 8: circulation and vorticity

Lesson-13: circulation and vorticity

Module 9.

Lesson-14: Flownet

Module 10.

Lesson-15: continuity equation

Module 11, 12. Fluid dynamics

Lesson 16. Dynamics of fluid flow

Lesson 17. Applications of bernouli’s equation

Lesson 18. Venturimeter, orificemeter and nozzle, siphon flowrate measurement

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Module 13. Laminar and turbulent flow in pipes

Lesson 19. Flow in pipes

Lesson 20. Laminar and turbulent flow

Module 14. General equation for head loss-darcy equation

Lesson 21. General equation for head loss-darcy equation

Lesson 22. Emprical equations for friction head loss

Module 15. Major and minor hydraulic losses through pipes and fitting

Lesson 23. Major and minor hydraulic losses through pipes and fitting

Module 16. Dimensional analysis and similitude

Lesson 24. Dimensional analysis

lesson 25. Dimensional homogeneity

Module 17. Introduction to fluid machinery

Lesson 26. Introduction to fluid machinery


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