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Fundamentals of Soil Science PDF Book Free Download ICAR eCourse

Book Detail: Fundamentals of Soil Science With Practical

Language: English

Pages: 133

Author: Dr. D. Tripathi, Dr. S. Mani, Sh. Mohinder Singh

Price: Free

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Outlines of Fundamentals of Soil Science

Lecture – 1 Composition of Earth Crust

Lecture – 2 Soil Forming Processes

Lecture – 3 Aerial Photography

Lecture – 4 Soil Classification and Land Capability Classification

Lecture – 5 Soil Physical Properties

Lecture – 6 Soil Structure and Consistency

Lecture – 7 Densities of Soil, Porosity and Soil Color

Lecture – 8 Soil Air and Temperature

Lecture – 9 Soil Water

Lecture – 10 Soil Colloids

Lecture – 11 Ion Exchange

Lecture – 12 Concept of Soil pH and Nutrient Availability

Lecture – 13 Soil Organic Matter

Lecture – 14 Problem Soils

Lecture – 15 Soil Environmental Quality

Lecture – 16 Quality of Irrigation Water

Lecture – 17 Soils of India

Practical Part

Practical – 1 Collection and preparation of Soil Samples
Practical – 2 Study of Soil Profile
Practical – 3 Determination of Soil Colour
Practical – 4 Determination soil moisture content
Practical – 5 Determination of Bulk Density of Soils
Practical – 6 Determination of Soil pH
Practical – 7 Determination of Electrical Conductivity of Soil
Practical – 8 Particle Size Analysis of Soil.
Practical – 9 Preparation of HCl extract
Practical – 10 Determination of sesquioxides( Fe2O3 and Al2O3)
Practical – 11 Determination of Calcium and magnesium
Practical – 12 Determination of P2O5 and K2O
Practical – 13 Determination of total Sulphur
Practical – 14 Determination of Total Nitrogen Content of Soils
Practical – 15 Determination of Organic Carbon Content of Soils
Practical – 16 Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity of Soils

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