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As we all know that due to increasing pollution levels, our health is severely getting affected. Situations like this are creating the world wide crisis. It has been observed that one of the sectors which contribute the pollution (air, water and soil) is the agriculture sector. Whether it is cultivation of crops or manufacturing of agro-chemicals, there is always a large amount of chemical residual effects observed. Thus to combat the above problems, farmers can go for spiritual farming.

The term spiritual farming can be referred to any agricultural operation which is done through divine vibrations (music, mantras or meditation).This concept was given by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi(the founder of Sahaj Yoga Trust).In India it was first started in Maharashtra on a large scale in 2011.In 2015 ICAR has also given it a recognition Farmers do not need to spend much. Farmers are benefitted in two ways i.e. economic gain and spiritual balance and we can see our country becoming Dhanya Bharat-Dhyana Bharat.

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Any agricultural operation which is done through divine vibrations is Spiritual farming. Whether it is “Agnihotram’’ which is performed in order to purify the micro-atmosphere of the field ecosystem or any musical vibrations derived from Carnatic Ragas( Indian Classical Tunes) like “Amruthavarshini” which is believed to bring rain, or any kind of mantras, all produce a kind of electromagnetic vibrations which are supposed to be the main cause of bringing positive vibes. These electromagnetic vibrations have soothing effect on not only humans or animals but also on plants. Around thousands of years ago in our ancient texts like “Gowthami Samsthanam” by Lord Budhha, several examples were cited about these electromagnetic vibrations which nourishes life on Mother earth but the concept of spiritual agriculture was made practical recently by Smt. Nirmala Chandrika Prasad Devi (founder-Sahaj Yoga). Under her guidance, a large scale of systematic field experiments involving more than 100 farmers in rural areas of the state of Maharashtra in India was launched in 2011 which has given rise to SAP (Sahaj Agriculture Project). The crops treated with vibrations showed 43% increase in plant growth in sugar cane, 20% increase in the sprouting potential of cotton seeds and a 50% increase in crop yield of sorghum. Therefore a second phase of experiment was launched on a national level in India from 2012 onwards with more than 15000 farmers being introduced to SAP. Based on these activities the apex body of Indian Agriculture ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) has given recognition to SAP in India. The SAP program is a zero cost solution which lets the rural farmers with limited resources in India to improve agricultural yields using the power of silent meditation and the vibrational energy. Key elements such as soil, seed and water are purified, enhanced and made more resilient without relying on artificial additives or chemicals


The action of vibrations can be compared to the action of a magnetic field on iron. Just as iron atoms react to a magnetic field, in the same way earth. Water, flora and fauna including humans react to vibrations.

The connecting angle of the water molecule is 104 degrees and 45 minutes between the Oxygen and the hydrogen.

Bond angle of water molecule

                                                 Fig 1: Bond angle of water molecule

This angle is very stable and does not change under the influence of physical experiments of pressure, temperature and the light. Through the action of vibrations on water molecules the connecting angle gets changed to improve the dissolving capacity of water.



From the above results it can be concluded that there was an overall increase in productivity and total production in case of Sahaj AKrishi by divine vibrations. Farmers do not need to spend much and at the same time harmful use of pesticides, fertilizers and other agrochemicals can be reduced.Farmers are benefitted in two ways i.e. economic gain and spiritual balance and we can see our country becoming Dhanya Bharat-DhyanaBharat.


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MSc.(Horti)Fruit Science-1st year

Chandra shekhar Azad Krishi Vishwavidyalay, Kanpur


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