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ICAR -PG 1st Rank Dairy Technology | Nilesh Kumar H. Rathod

Hello Nilesh first of all Congratulation for got First rank in ICAR-PG (Dairy Technology) 2020

AgriMoon: Tell us about yourself…

Nilesh Rathod: I am Nilesh Rathod. I belongs to Anand in Gujarat. Completed my B.Tech in the Dairy Technology from SMC college of dairy science Anand, Anand Agriculture University. Currently I am pursuing M.Tech in Dairy Technology at ICAR National Dairy Research Institute Karnal. As the purpose of my interview is to help and motivate aspirants of ICAR PG course.

AgriMoon: How you get to know about this ICAR-PG exam and what you know ?

Nilesh Rathod: By the end of two and half years in college I get to know that I am good at teaching as well as in practical knowledge. So to supporting that I made my mind for masters degree.
If I talk about exam it is AIEEA, it is conducted by NTA. Basically Computer Based test. Previously it was of 160 questions but now this year it was of 120 questions,each question carries 4 marks for correct answer. And minus 1 for wrong answer. Timing is 2hrs. After examination and score card, NTA handover to ICAR.


AgriMoon: Tell us about your when you started and how you just get through it..

Nilesh Rathod: For preparation first i checked the syllabus of exam given at Then i collect the all relevant materials.
I started my preparation with books in 6th semester. So in whole semester i completed relevant books with notes making. So I can revise it in future. I also appeared exam in 2019 to get familiar with exam pattern and question type. Then i started e-courses provided by ICAR (PDFs Available on AgriMoon). There are 24 subjects which I have completed. In between after completing each subject i used to solve questions from Dairy technology and Dairy Engineering question book by Jain brothers. Before one month of exam i started revision. And just before few days of exam i started referring the things which you need to remember, like FSSAI standard, engineering formulas, different properties of dairy products. That’s all about the preparation.


AgriMoon: How much time you spend in studying in a day ?

Nilesh Rathod: Actually my study was content oriented. As in 6th semester, i used to cover at least 15 pages daily from each book in a single day .Then from 7th semester onwards i used to give 4-5 hours daily depending on the content and for the revision, i was in such a state that i used to complete 1 subject in a single day. Which stretched me up to 9 to 10 hrs daily.


AgriMoon: Tell us about the study materials you followed to crack this exam..

Nilesh Rathod: Following books and study materials i preferred


AgriMoon: What will you suggest to your juniors ?

Nilesh Rathod: Yes there are many things to discuss. As we are basically science students our approach should be like that for the exam. First make a goal and apply PDCA cycle to it. Plan-the content vs days to complete in time. Do-read and write, check-track you daily progress may be weekly. Act-take appropriate action to minimize non conformities. Stay connected with your Seniors and professors which will help you a lot.
The study hours depend on your strength and abilities. So don’t follow others blindly, know your self and make plan accordingly. Follow your biological clock. Also follow progressive overload as if you are in 2nd or 3rd year start with little. It will be easy to crack this exam.

Thanks Nilesh to giving us valuable time and guide to our users……


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