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What is Khoa ?

khoaKhoa is a concentrated whole milk product obtained by open pan condensing of milk under atmospheric pressure.

According to Food Safety and Standard Regulations 2011, Khoa, by whatever variety of names it is sold such as Pindi, Danedar, Dhap, Mawa or Kava, means the product obtained from cow or buffalo or goat or sheep milk or milk solids or a combination thereof by rapid drying. The milk fat content shall not be less than 30 percent on dry weight basis of finished product. It may contain citric acid not more than 0.1 percent by weight. It shall be free from added starch, added sugar and added colouring matter.

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According to Bureau of Indian standards, khoa is a heat coagulated milk product obtained by partial dehydration of milk of buffalo, cow, sheep and goat or their admixture. It shall not contain any ingredient foreign to milk except addition of citric acid in Danedar khoa.

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