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List of Agricultural Journals

Agricultural Journals and Food Research is a peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on research in the agricultural and food sciences.

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Sr. No Publication URL
1 Agrica Click Here
2 Agric INTERNATIONAL Click Here
3 Agricultural Economics Research Review Click Here
4 Agricultural Engineering Today Click Here
5 Agricultural Research Journal Click Here
6 Agricultural   Reviews Click Here
7 Agricultural   Science Digest – A Research Journal Click Here
8 Agro-Economist Click Here
9 Annals of   Horticulture Click Here
10 Annals of Plant   Protection Sciences Click Here
11 Applied   Biological Research Click Here
12 Asian Journal of   Dairy and Food Research Click Here
13 Bhartiya Krishi   Anusandhan Patrika Click Here
14 Bio Science   Research Bulletin Click Here
15 BIOINFOLET – A   Quarterly Journal of Life Sciences Click Here
16 Biotech Today :   An International Journal of Biological Sciences Click Here
17 Bulletin of Pure   & Applied Sciences- Botany Click Here
18 Cereal Research Communications Click Here
19 Clay Research Click Here
20 Climate Change   and Environmental Sustainability Click Here
21 Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food   Safety Click Here
22 Clothing and Textiles Research Journal Click Here
23 Crop Research Click Here
24 Current Advances   in Agricultural Sciences(An International   Journal) Click Here
25 Current   Horticulture Click Here
26 European Journal of Nutrition Click Here
27 Farming and   Management Click Here
28 Fungal Diversity Click Here
29 Indian   Horticulture Journal Click Here
30 Indian Journal   of Agricultural Biochemistry Click Here
31 Indian Journal   of Agricultural Marketing Click Here
32 Indian Journal   of Agricultural Research Click Here
33 Indian Journal   of Agroforestry Click Here
34 Indian Journal   of Agronomy Click Here
35 Indian Journal   of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development Click Here
36 Indian Journal   of Entomology Click Here
37 Indian Journal   of Extension Education Click Here
38 Indian Journal   of Genetics and Plant Breeding (The) Click Here
39 Indian Journal   of Horticulture Click Here
40 Indian Journal   of Nematology Click Here
41 Indian Journal   of Plant Genetic Resources Click Here
42 Indian Journal   of Plant Protection Click Here
43 Indian Journal   of Soil Conservation Click Here
44 Indian Journal   of Weed Science Click Here
45 International   Journal of Agriculture, Environment and   Biotechnology Click Here
46 International   Journal of Bio-resource and Stress Management Click Here
47 International   Journal of Economic Plants Click Here
48 International   Journal of Farm Sciences Click Here
49 International   Journal of Fermented Foods Click Here
50 International   Journal of Food and Fermentation Technology Click Here
51 Journal of Agricultural Development and Policy Click Here
52 Journal of Agricultural Engineering Click Here
53 Journal of Agricultural Science Click Here
54 Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development Click Here
55 Journal of Entomological Research Click Here
56 Journal of Extension Systems Click Here
57 Journal of Food Legumes Click Here
58 Journal of Food Science and Technology (National) Click Here
59 Journal of Food Science Education Click Here
60 Journal of   Functional And Environmental Botany Click Here
61 Journal of   Global Communication Click Here
62 Journal of Hill   Agriculture Click Here
63 Journal Of Interior Design Click Here
64 Journal of   Krishi Vigyan Click Here
65 Journal of Meat   Science Click Here
66 Journal of   Ornamental Horticulture Click Here
67 Journal of Plant   Disease Sciences Click Here
68 Journal of   Progressive Agriculture Click Here
69 Journal of Soil   and Water Conservation Click Here
70 Journal of the   Indian Society of Soil Science Click Here
71 Journal of Tree   Sciences Click Here
72 Legume Research   – An International Journal Click Here
73 LS:   International Journal of Life Sciences Click Here
74 Medicinal Plants   – International Journal of Phytomedicines and   Related Industries Click Here
75 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts Click Here
76 NJAS – Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences Click Here
77 ORYZA- An   International Journal on Rice Click Here
78 Pest Management   in Horticultural Ecosystems Click Here
79 Pesticide   Research Journal Click Here
80 Phytopathogenic Mollicutes Click Here
81 Phytopathologia Mediterranea Click Here
82 Plant Disease   Research Click Here
83 Progressive   Agriculture Click Here
84 Progressive   Horticulture Click Here
85 Range Management   and Agroforestry Click Here
86 Research on   Crops Click Here
87 SKUAST Journal   of Research Click Here
88 Textile Research Journal Click Here
89 The Clarion-   International Multidisciplinary Journal Click Here
90 The Journal of   Indian Botanical Society Click Here
91 Vegetable Science Click Here
92 Vegetos- An   International Journal of Plant Research Click Here
93 VigyanPragati (Hindi) Click Here
94 Weather and Forecasting Click Here
95 Water and Energy   International Click Here
96 Weed Technology Click Here


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