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Mushroom Culture Horticulture ICAR Pdf Book

Book Detail:Cover Page Mashroom culture

Language: English

Pages: 92

Author: Dr. C. D. Thapa, Dr. V. Prakasam, Sh. Mohinder Singh

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Course Outlines: Mashroom Culture

Lecture 1: Introduction to Mushrooms

Lecture 2: Collection & Identification of Mushrooms

Lecture 3: Mushroom Spawn Production

Lecture 4: Genetic Improvement of Mushrooms

Lecture 5: Cultivation technique of button Mushrooms – I

Lecture 6: Cultivation technique of button Mushrooms – II

Lecture 7: Cultivation Technology Oyster Mushrooms

Lecture 8: Cultivation Technology of Paddy Straw Mushroom

Lecture 9: Cultivation Technology of Milky Mushroom

Lecture 10: Post Harvest Technology- Preservation of Mushrooms

Lecture 11: Acquaintance with infrastructure, equipments and machineries required in the mushroom cultivation process

Lecture 12: Problems in Mushroom cultivation – I

Lecture 13: Problems in Mushroom cultivation – II

Lecture 14: Nutritional value of mushrooms and the mushroom recipe

Lecture 15: Medicinal mushrooms and their use in industries

Lecture 16: Project cost – analysis for mushroom cultivation


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  1. We appreciate for this full text book it has helped me alot in the cultivation of white button mushroom and the spawn production thank you so very much

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