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Principles of Plant Biotechnology – ICAR eCourse PDF Books

Book Detail:cover page of Principles of Plant Biotechnology

Language: English

Pages: 349

Author: TNAU

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Course Outline: Principles of Plant Biotechnology

  1. Concepts of Biotechnology
  2. Tissue culture and its history
  3. Scope and importance in crop improvement
  4. Totipotency and Morphogenesis
  5. Nutritional requirements
  6. Techniques of in vitro cultures
  7. Micropropagation
  8. Haploid production and uses
  9. Ovule culture
  10. Ovary and embryo culture
  11. Test tube fertilization
  12. Endosperm culture
  13. Factors influencing morphogenesis
  14. Applications and achievements
  15. Somaclonal variation and crop improvement
  16. Somatic embryogenesis
  17. Protoplast isolation
  18. Products of somatic hybrids and cybrids
  19. Genetic engineering in plants
  20. Enzymes used in Genetic Engineering
  21. Vectors: The carriers of DNA molecules
  22. Gene cloning
  23. Gene delivery methods in plants
  24. Transgenic plants and their applications
  25. Blotting techniques
  26. DNA finger printing
  27. DNA markers in plant genome analysis
  28. QTL mapping
  29. Marker assisted selection and Crop improvement

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7 thoughts on “Principles of Plant Biotechnology – ICAR eCourse PDF Books

  1. But this pdf contain half of the syllabus pĺease provide us complete syllabus notes its a humble request sir.

  2. The book contains a brief introduction of almost all the terms . It is good for preliminary study before going for the disciplinary standard books . Thanks

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