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Veg prices soar in Punjab, Haryana on supply hit

Veg prices soar in Punjab, Haryana on supply hit


Prices of vegetables, including those of peas and tomatoes, saw a significant jump in the last one week in Punjab and Haryana, including Chandigarh, hit by a supply crunch.

The prices of peas have risen sharply to Rs 100-110 per kg, from nearly Rs 60-70 earlier, traders said on Tuesday.

Tomato is retailing at Rs 60 per kg this week, up from Rs 40 in the previous week, traders said.


Monsoon rains, they said, have lashed mid-hills of Himachal Pradesh during the past few days, which has hit supply of the perishable and some other vegetables.

Notably, during this part of the year, bulk supplies of tomatoes come from Himachal.


Over a month ago, tomatoes, which are key to preparation of Punjabi dishes, were selling at around Rs 20 per kg.

However, onion prices continued to remain stable at Rs 15 per kg.

According to the traders, other commonly consumed vegetables have also witnessed a price rise.


Barring potato, whose prices have remained stable at Rs 15-25 per kg for local and ‘pahari’ varieties, capsicum, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, spinach, cucumber, pumpkin, beans and carrots, among other vegetables, have registered an increase in their prices.


Lemon prices have also gone up to Rs 30 for 250 grams, from Rs 20.


Cucumbers, in high demand in the current season, have also become dearer, selling at Rs 30-50 per kg for different varieties as against Rs 15-20 earlier.



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