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Organic milk is gaining popularity and people conscious about their health are increasingly preferring organic milk over regular milk. In general, consumers are looking for enriching their diet with food that actually contributes to their health. The idea here is to get the best value for money, which is why people have started opting for organic milk. Let us understand how exactly organic milk differs from normal milk. 

What Is Organic Milk?

Essentially, organic milk is different than regular milk as it does not come from cows that are treated with antibiotics. In many farms, cows are given additional hormones for growth and reproduction so that the process of creating milk is accelerated. This is not the case with organic milk. 

On the contrary, in the case of organic milk, cows are allowed to take their own time to breed instead of rushing the process. Additionally, organic milk comes from cows that are fed with 30% of pasture. This is because the higher the intake of pasture, the better is the quality of the milk. This is the basic difference between organic and regular milk.

Talking about the price, when you order milk online, you would have noticed that the cost of organic milk is more than that of regular milk. Let us have a look at the reason behind this price difference. 

Why Does Organic Milk Cost High?

Producing milk that is free of any impurities and is produced naturally is not cheap. It takes a lot of resources and manual labour to create organic milk which is the main reason behind its high cost. Focusing on animal welfare needs a lot of dedication and time. Moreover, since there is no use of additional hormones, farmers have to wait for the ideal conditions when the cows can be bred. This is a time taking process, but the end result is good quality milk. 

The charges for organic milk are high as all these expenses have to be covered. The farmer has to look after the costs for feed, volume, and labour, which results in the surge of the price. For instance, the organic farms ensure that the cow eats nutrient-rich grass and is given plenty of pasture time. These factors result in improved milk quality that is far better than the conventional milk you would find in stores. 

Hence, the high price is also justified as the entire farming process is organic with no external stimulation whatsoever. 

How Can You Get Organic Milk? 

Organic milk is becoming very popular among those who believe in only consuming food that is as natural as possible. This awareness has made them reconsider their options and keep looking for foods that are in favour of both, the animals and them. 

If you, too, wish to reap the benefits of organic milk, you can do so by shopping for it from your nearby store or even ordering it online. These days a lot of stores have started selling organic cow milk in Delhi NCR due to its increased demand. Take a step towards better health by switching to organic milk. 

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