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Which is the best book to crack the ICAR PG / JRF agronomy in ICAR?

Best Book for ICAR PG/ JRF Agronomy

AgriMoon is one of the leading career guidance portals which provides guidance to applicants concerning their career issues and is providing a list of ICAR Books for students practice. These ICAR books are compiled by our experts after analyzing and research on ICAR books which are available in the market for ICAR preparations.

These ICAR books cover the entire syllabus which has been made according to the latest pattern. These books also consist of theory sections as well as objective type questions for students practice.

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List of ICAR PG Exam Books:

For General Agriculture

  1. General Agriculture For I.C.A.R. Examinations – Muniraj Singh Rathore
  2. A Competitive Book of Agriculture – Nem Raj Sunda
  3. Fundamentals of Agriculture – Vol – 2 – Arun Katyayan ,
  4. Fundamental Of Agriculture Vol. 1 – Arun Katyayan
  5. Objective Agriculture By SR Kantwa 21st Edition
  6. Numerical Agronomy – Abhijit Sharma

For Agronomy

  1. Principles of Agronomy by S. R. Reddy
  2. Principles Of Agronomy by Reddy & Reddy
  3. Textbook of Field Crops Production by Rajendra Prasad
  4. Weed Science : Basic and Applications by T. K. Das
  5. Weed Management : Principles and Practices by O.P. Gupta
  6. Irrigation Agronomy by Sr Reddy
  7. Introductory Soil Science by D.K. Das
  8. Agronomy Treatise by P.D. Chaudhary
  9. Objective Agronomy by Thavaprakaash N, Velayudham K
  10. Agronomy at a Glance Volume 2. Objective Fundamentals by P.L. Maliwal and S.L. Mundra

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How to Prepare for ICAR Exam:

The applicants need to prepare hard for ICAR because of the complex process of filtering applicants under the tough criteria. In this, your hard work and our proper guidance can lead you to your desired position to crack the ICAR exam. It is not so tough either if you proceed in a preplanned way, such as, collecting your ICAR study materials, looking for a proper institute that will ultimately help you to fully understand and implement in proper fields. ICAR exam preparation tips are given below:

Prefer ICAR Syllabus and ICAR Exam Pattern:

First of all, applicants should get to prefer the syllabus and exam pattern for the better preparation of the ICAR examination. By preferring the exam pattern and syllabus, applicants are able to understand the examination. The applicants are able to know the whole structure of the question paper.

Solve ICAR Previous Year Question Paper:

Applicants should get to solve the ICAR previous year question paper once getting the ICAR exam pattern and ICAR syllabus. The previous year’s question paper ought to be a minimum of five to ten years old. By preferring the previous year question paper, applicants can get the idea of topics that are asked within the ICAR examination.

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Attempt ICAR Mock Test:

It will very helpful for the applicants if they will attempt the ICAR mock test regularly and through the mock test, applicants are able to identify their weak areas and work on it. Applicants ought to ought to revise the ICAR queries and mock test that they have already attempted.

Make Short Notes:

Applicants ought to prepare the short notes for all of the necessary topics in each subject and these short notes can help them to revise the complete preparation of ICAR within the last movement of the examination. Applicants ought to got to try to highlight the important points in their short notes, which can help them to revise.

Revision of ICAR Whole Syllabus:

Applicants should get to revise all of the ideas and theories before the ICAR examination and that they have tried to revise all the necessary topics on a weekly basis. They don’t have to try to learn the basic concept of the question asked in the ICAR examination.

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