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Chemistry of Milk PDF Book

Book Detail: Chemistry of MilkCHEMISTRY OF MILK Cover

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Pages: 128

Author: K.S. Sarma

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Course outline Chemistry of Milk

Module 1. Milk definition, Composition and Variation

Lesson-1. Definition of Milk as Per Food Standards and Safety Authority of India, 2006 (formerly Prevention of Food adulteration Act, 1954) and Average Composition of Milk from Cow and Different Species

Lesson-2. Nature of Variation in Milk Composition, Genetic, Physiological and Environmental and the Sources of Variation

Module 2. Structure of Milk

Lesson-3. Structural Elements of Milk: Fat Globules, Casein Micelles, Globular Proteins, Lipoprotein Particles and their Properties and Grading of Milk

Module 3. Milk Proteins

Lesson-4. Introduction, Definition and Nomenclature of Milk Proteins

Lesson-5. Milk Proteins: Classification, Distribution, Genetic Polymorphism and its Importance

Lesson-6. Caseins: α s1 -casein, α s2– casein, β-casein and κ-casein

Lesson-7. Caseins: Fractionation, Structure and Conformation, and Physico Chemical Properties

Lesson-8. Casein Micelle: Structure, Properties and its Importance

Lesson-9. Whey Proteins: α-Lactalbumin and β-Lactoglobulin, their Fractionation and Physico-Chemical Properties

Lesson-10. Bovine Serum Albumin, Immunoglobulin, Proteose-Peptone, Other Whey Proteins and Non-Protein-Nitrogenous Compounds

Lesson-11. Protein Denaturation and Hydrolysis

Lesson-12. Fat Globule Membrane Proteins their Properties and Role

Lesson-13. Quantification of Proteins in Milk

Module 4. Enzymes in Milks

Lesson-14. Introduction and significance of Enzymes in Milk

Lesson-15. Milk Enzymes its Source an d Significance-Part I

Lesson-16. Milk Enzymes its Source and Significance-Part II

Module 5. Carbohydrates in milk

Lesson-17. Lactose: Nomenclature and Structure

Lesson-18. Physical Properties of Lactose-Part I

Lesson-19. Physical Properties of Lactose-Part II

Lesson-20. Chemical Reaction of Lactose-Part I

Lesson-21. Chemical Reaction of Lactose-Part II

Lesson-22.Caramelization and its Significance

Module 6. Lipids in Milk

Lesson-23. Nomenclature and Structure of Glycerides

Lesson-24. Composition, Classification and Distribution of Lipids in Milk

Lesson-25. Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Lipids and Structure of Fat Globule

Lesson-26. Properties of Milk Lipids

Lesson-27. General Properties of Compound Lipids

Lesson-28. Unsaponifiable Lipids : Cholesterol and Its Properties

Lesson-29. Vitamins in Milk

Module 7. Salt Composition in Milk

Lesson-30. Salts in Milk

Lesson-31. Physical Equilibrium among Milk Salts

Module 8. Milk and Metals

Lesson-32. Milk Contact Surface and Metallic Contamination


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