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Coexisting with wildlife is critical for the planet

It is quite aptly said by Paul Oxton “ If you are not filled with overflowing love , compassion and goodwill for all creatures living wild in nature , you will never know true happiness . “  This needs to be understood by today’s generation so as to save the wildlife we coexist with. But the question arises that why do we need to save them? What is that we miss if we are unable to save the vulnerable species? Well, the answer to that would be very simple. Just like we won’t be able to live without air, water and food, we won’t exist if the wildlife does not exist.

We humans, are called ‘social animals’ because of the speech and intellect that we all possess but this has led to the unnecessary poaching and ruthless killings of speechless creatures. Instead of giving a voice to nature, we have exploited it terribly and the result is seen in the form of imbalances in the ecosystem and improper food chains. Our behaviour and carelessness has led to the killings of millions of animals that once existed. Some species are extinct and others are on the verge of extinction, but the human race is doing nothing for it.

Mother nature gave everything to humanity for its sustenance on just a simple condition that nature itself should never be neglected and should be taken proper care of ; but we Homo sapiens ran wells dry , polluted the air , filled the oceans with all kinds of waste and killed nature’s innocent beings for our own little gains . As a result disturbance of food cycles and exploitation of the wildlife has caused imbalance in the environment. If this imbalance continues, we won’t be able to survive and nature will ultimately find a way to resurrect itself.

Also, what do we get poaching the harmless creatures? Is it just money that we have come to gain? Or, are we so materialistic that we cannot think twice before harming the nature because of which we live? It is sheer foolishness of the part of humanity that we consider ourselves a superior species. We do not even know how many more intelligent and beautiful creatures are out there living in the world. We cannot imagine how far better the speechless creatures are that they can communicate so well without speaking. We never think that even when these animals cannot speak, a herd of elephants always walks together, they are united ; an ant can carry ten times their weight on it , it is so hardworking ; a bee collects nectar every day, it is punctual ; while we the so called “ social animals “ are unable to handle ourselves or the nature or relationships we are in. We never want to be united, communicated, hardworking or punctual but we still call ourselves superior beings just because of the ability of speech that the nature itself has given us.

Well I think that there is definitely a better life that we can enjoy by loving nature and getting the love back from it. The merciless slaughter of wildlife will do nothing good to us. Peace is what the world needs now. Action and understanding is what we require to save our mother nature’s bounty. Love is what the nature expects from us and we should all join our hands to give the love and respect that all these innocent creatures require. We should never forget that if these creatures are not there, we cannot be in this world .


We should not need to have a “Save an Animal Day”, Save from what? , It is in fact “ Save from who”. It is Human Kindness, Compassion   and Caring that so desperately needs to be saved.

Paul Oxton



Ms Prarthana

B.Sc(Hons.) Agriculture

Amity University, Noida

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