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Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food Quality PDF

Book Detail: Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food QualityEngineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food Quality

Language: English

Pages: 210

Author: Dr. Debabandya Mohapatra

Price: Free


Outline of Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food Quality

Module- 1 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and Food Quality

Lesson 1. Introduction to engineering properties of biological materials and food quality

Lesson 2. Application of engineering properties of biological materials

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Module- 2 Physical Properties of Biomaterials

Lesson 3. Physical properties of biomaterials like shape, size, volume and surface area

Lesson 4. Physical characteristics of biomaterials: volume, density, specific gravity and surface area

Module- 3 Engineering Properties

Lesson 5. Basics of Thermal properties

Lesson 6. Measurement of thermal properties of biomaterials

Lesson 7. Aerodynamic properties of biomaterials

Lesson 8. Frictional properties of biomaterials

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Module- 4 Rheological Properties of Biomaterials

Lesson 9. Some basic concepts of rheologi

Lesson 10. Fluid flow behavior

Lesson 11. Stress relaxation and Creep behaviour

Lesson 12. Rheological properties measurement and equipment

Module- 5 Food Quality

Lesson 13. Introduction to Food Quality

Lesson 14. Objective Texture measurement

Lesson 15. Concept of colour in food quality

Lesson 16. Colour measurement methods

Lesson 17. Concept of Flavor in food quality

Lesson 18. Flavor extraction and Measurement methods

Module- 6 Food Sampling


Lesson 20. Liquid Food Samples And Extraction Techniques

Module- 7 Sensory quality

Lesson 21. Importance of Sensory Attributes

Lesson 22. Controls for Test Room And Factors Effecting Sensory Evaluation

Lesson 23. Methods of Sensory Evaluation

Lesson 24. Interpretation of Sensory Results And Statistical Analysis

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Module 8. Quality Control and Management

Lesson 25. Total Quality Management

Lesson 26. The 7 Qc Tools For Quality Improvement

Module 9. Food Laws

Lesson 27. FOOD LAWS-I ( FSSAI, Weights & Measures Act, Essential Commodities Act and other Regulatory Agencies)

Lesson 28. NATIONAL FOOD LAWS ( BIS, AGMARK, FPO, Consumer Protection Act)

Module 10. Standards and regulations in food quality management

Lesson 29. HACCP

Lesson 30. Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practices

Lesson 31. Food Safety Management System-Iso 22000:2005

Lesson 32. Sanitation in food industry

Lesson 33.Cleaning And Sanitizing


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