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Fat Rich Dairy Products Technology Books PDF

Book Detail:Fat Rich Dairy Products Technology

Language: English

Pages: 214

Author: Kotilinga Reddy, Yogesh Khetra, M.H. Sathish Kumar

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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Fat Rich Dairy Products
1 Status of lipids in milk
2 Types of Fat Rich Dairy Products
Module 2: Production of Cream
3 Classification, Standards and Composition of cream
4 Principles and methods of cream separation
5 Construction of cream separator
6 Factors affecting skimming efficiency and richness of cream
Module 3:Processing of cream
7 Standardization of Cream
8 Pasteurization of Cream
9 Cooling of Cream
Module 4: Consumer cream products
10 Table cream, Sterilized cream and Whipped cream
11 Clotted cream, Frozen cream, Cultured cream etc.,
12 Other consumer cream products
Module 5: Quality and preservation of cream
13 Packaging and storage of cream
14 Quality of cream
15 Grading of cream


Module 6: Regulatory aspects of Butter
16 FSSAI Definition, BIS specifications and Codex requirements
17 Composition and classification of butter
Module 7: Butter-Making Process
18 Process outlines of butter making
19 Churning of cream
20 Use of breakwater and other factors influencing fat losses in buttermilk
21 Addition of colour & Salting of butter
22 Butter moisture control and Working of Butter
23 Continuous Butter Making
24 Packaging, Storage and distribution of Butter
Module 8: Quality of butter
25 Grading of butter
26 Rheology of Butter
27 Microbiological aspects of butter
28 Butter Defects
Module 9: Butter making equipment
29 History of butter churn development, Construction, Operation and Sanitary care
Module 10: Special butter and related products
30 Whipped butter, Whey Butter Flavoured butter
31 Fractionation of Milk fat
32 Fat spreads
33 Margarine Production
Module 11: Ghee and butter oil
34 Ghee Definition, Standards and composition
35 Methods of ghee preparation
36 Quality and Grading of ghee
37 Packaging and storage of Ghee
38 Butter oil


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  1. Very nïce book, heartly thankful to all the information provided. Needed one help also i wanted to know microbiological parametres for margarine , will they be same as butter and what would be the procedure for microbial anyalysis.

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