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Food Technology – ICAR eCourse PDF Book

Food Technology

Food technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food. Related fields include analytical chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, nutrition, quality control, and food safety management.

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Language: English

Pages: 296

Author: A. K. Singh

Price: Free


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Food Technology-I (Course Outline)

Module1: Status of food processing industry and future prospects
Lesson 1 Introduction to food processing in India
Lesson 2 Status of food processing industry abroad
Lesson 3 Magnitude and interdependence of dairy and food industry – I
Lesson 4 Magnitude and interdependence of dairy and food industry – II
Lesson 5 Recent developments and future growth in the food industry

Module 2: Post-harvest management of fruits and vegetables
Lesson 6 Harvesting, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables
Lesson 7 Post-harvest processing – I
Lesson 8 Post-harvest processing – II

Module 3: Processing of fruits and vegetables
Lesson 9 Canning and other methods of thermal processing
Lesson 10 Freezing: Principle, methods and applications
Lesson 11 Drying: Principle, methods and applications

Module 4: Fruits and vegetables juice processing
Lesson 12 General steps in juice processing
Lesson 13 Equipment and methods of extraction, clarification and preservation 1
Lesson 14 Processing of selected fruit juices – I
Lesson 15 Processing of selected fruit juices – II
Lesson 16 Concentration and drying of fruit juices

Module 5: Jam, jelly, marmalade, and glazed and crystallized fruits
Lesson 17 Role of sugar and other ingredients in fruit preservation
Lesson 18 Jam, Jelly and Marmalade
Lesson 19 Fruit preserves
Lesson 20 Glazed and crystallized fruits

Module 6: Tomato and tomato based products
Lesson 21 Tomato juice extraction and juice characteristics
Lesson 22 Tomato puree, paste, sauce and ketchup
Lesson 23 Novel tomato products

Module 7: Beverages
Lesson 24 Scope and classification of beverages
Lesson 25 Additives for fruit-based beverages
Lesson 26 Carbonated beverages
Lesson 27 Fruit beverages and drinks

Module 8: Tea 
Lesson 28 Tea-Introduction and classification
Lesson 29 Tea leaf processing
Lesson 30 Specialty tea products

Module 9: Coffee
Lesson 31 Coffee: Types and characteristics
Lesson 32 Coffee processing
Lesson 33 Instant coffee 1

Module10: Pickles and sauerkrauts
Lesson 34 Principles and classification
Lesson 35 Technology of selected pickles – I
Lesson 36 Technology of selected pickles – II

Module 11: Confectionery products
Lesson 37 Principles and classification
Lesson 38 Candies
Lesson 39 Chewing gums and bubble gums
Lesson 40 Toffees and caramels

Module 12: Cocoa and chocolate products
Lesson 41 Cocoa bean processing
Lesson 42 Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa butter replacers/extenders 1
Lesson 43 Chocolate products – I
Lesson 44 Chocolate products – II

Module 13: Functional foods
Lesson 45 Present and future scope of functional foods
Lesson 46 Phytochemicals in relation to human health
Lesson 47 Milk ingredients as nutraceuticals
Lesson 48 Future of functional ingredients

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