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‘Jaiva Bhavanam’ to promote organic farming

‘Jaiva Bhavanam’ to promote organic farming


They know that vegetables these days are pesticide ridden. But organically grown vegetables are a mirage due to their exorbitant prices, at least for the urban dwellers.

However, the Save Green Agriculture Cooperative Society is all set to prove them wrong.

‘Jaiva Bhavanam’ is a project of the society that plans to make the availability of organic vegetables in urban households a reality.

Save Green will provide all necessary help to create an organic vegetable garden at every household, whether it be a house or an apartment. The garden will be set up in a manner that suits each household.

Salient feature

A salient feature of the project is that the beneficiaries could make their first harvest of fresh organically grown vegetables in just one month.

The plan is to arrange all necessary vegetables in grow bags and water them using the drip irrigation method. Besides setting up the whole garden, the skilled Green Army of Save Green will carry out the application of manures and organic pesticides whenever necessary. Two sacks of organic fertilizers, pesticides and the equipment to apply them will also be provided by Save Green.

“There is a lot of plots in the corporation limits that are just dumping yards now. If the local residents associations manage to clear them, the land could be used for vegetable farming”, said M.P. Rejul Kumar, president of the society.

The society also plans to encourage residents of apartment complexes to use their terrace for group farming. Save Green is organising a mega sale of saplings on the premises of the Office of Deputy Director of Education at Mananchira from September 14 to 17 to encourage people to take up organic farming.

Around 5 lakh saplings of vegetables such as brinjal, green chillies, country chillies, ladies finger, lentils, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, curry leaves, fruit trees like papaya, rambutan, mangosteen, and pulasan will be available at the fair.

Mayor Thottathil Raveendran will inaugurate the ‘Jaiva Bhavanam’ project as well as the fair at 10 a.m. on Friday.

The Save Green Society is to hold mega sale of saplings at Mananchira from October 14 to 17



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