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Manures Fertilizers & Agrochemicals PDF Book

Book Detail:  Manures Fertilizers & Agrochemicals

Language: Englishcover of Manures Fertilizers & Agrochemicals

Pages: 184

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Outlines of Manures Fertilizers & Agrochemicals

  1. Manures – types, composition and value – sources
  2. Green manures-Oil cakes-Sewage sludge-Biogas plant slurry-Plant and animal refuges
  3. Composting of organic wastes – composting technologies
  4. Classification of fertilizers – N, P and K fertilizers
  5. Nitrogenous fertilizers – sources – fundamental processes involved in manufacturing procedures for ammonia, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and phosphoric acid
  6. Manufacturing of ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate and ammonium chloride
  7. Manufacturing of urea
  8. Slow release N fertilizers – chemically modified forms – urea-formaldehyde, IBDU, CDU.
  9. Controlled release fertilizers and reaction in soil – nitrification inhibitors – criteria and advantages
  10. P fertilizers – rock phosphate – bone meal – basic slag
  11. Single and triple super phosphates – thermosphosphates – method of manufacturing
  12. Potassic fertilizers –manufacturing of KCl, K2SO4 and schoenite
  13. Secondary and micronutrient fertilizers- Manufacturing Zinc sulphate, and ferrous sulphate
  14. Complex fertilizers – manufacturing ammonium phosphates – nitro phosphates and NPK complexes
  15. Mixed fertilizers – sources – preparations- their compatibility – advantages
  16. Amendments-calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate
  17. Midsemester examination
  18. Biofertilizers- symbiotic and non symbiotic and their advantage
  19. Impact of fertilizers on the environment
  20. Fertilizer control order and Fertilizer storage
  21. Organic chemistry as prelude to agrochemicals- -Diverse type of agrochemicals
  22. Pesticides formulations – sprays – emulsion concentrates- water miscible liquids-dusts – wettable powders and flowables – manufacture, characteristics and uses.
  23. Pesticide formulation – granules, fumigants and aerosols – Manufacture – Characteristics and use. Insecticide classification – Organochlorines – Mode of action – lindane, endosulfan – Characteristics and use.
  24. Organophosphates – characteristics, preparation and use of monocrotophos, phosphamidan, and chlorpyriphos. Phorate, phosalone, dimethoate and quinalphos.
  25. Carbamates – characteristics, preparation and use of Carbaryl, carbofuran, carbosulfan and aldicarb
  26. Botanicals – characteristics, preparation and use of neem products, nicotine and pyrethrum.
  27. Characteristics, preparation and use of synthetic pyrethroids – Fenvalerate and Cypermethrin.
  28. Herbicides – Mode of action -Classification of organic herbicides – Characteristics – Use of 2, 4-D. , Butachlor, Glyphosate, Atrazine and Benthiocarp
  29. Fungicides – Classification – Inorganics – characteristics, preparation and use of sulfur and copper – Mode of action – Bordeaux mixture and copper oxychloride
  30. Organic fungicides – Mode of action – Dithiocarbamates – characteristics, preparation and use of Zineb and maneb.
  31. Systematic fungicides – Benomyl, carboxin, oxycarboxin, Metalaxyl, Carbendazim, characteristics and use.
  32. Insecticide act-Compatibility of pesticides with fertilizers and other Agrochemicals.
  33. Fate of pesticides in soil and plant.
  34. Plant growth regulators

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